Can’t Let Go:  #Hearts and #Quilts and 2017 Fashion Runways

Happy Valentines Day, Dear Readers!  Please know that today I can’t let go of these two items that walked down high fashion runways.

Heart Candy Box Couture

Rodarte, Spring Summer 2017 Ready to Wear ; photo credit: Umberto Fratini/

Photos from Picture credit: Umberto Fratini

I just cannot stop staring at this outfit from Rodarte for their Spring Summer 2017 line.  Other than Rihanna and Katy Perry, would anyone wear this total look  It’s made of red sequined lace with a red tulle ruffle all around the outline. The designers may be channeling a Valentine’s Day candy box.  (note the necklace-as-earrings accessory). The Mulleavy sisters, the designers at Rodarte are nothing if not out-of-the-box designers.   What do you say, will this show up on a red carpet somewhere? It is already in the editorial pages of InStyle magazine photographed on a model with long pink hair.  Images are from  Vogue Runway, my go-to app and website for keeping up with high fashion. You can go there to see a review of this particular Rodarte collection.  Other than this outfit, there’s a ton of really beautiful items created by the Mulleavy sisters, with inspiration for serious fiber artists. Look at the entire collection for Spring Summer 2017.  Put your designer hats on and tell me how can this item be modified to make it wearable for the rest of us?

Traditional quilters, you’ve made it to fashion week

Photo from Calvin Klein, Fall 2017. 

What do you think of this quilt-y coat by the house of Calvin Klein, designed by creative director Raf Simons. I have seen small quilted touches in high fashion for a while, but Raf Simons took this right down to the brass tacks! Why not use the entire traditionally pieced quilt?? I kinda like this look, since the quilts seem drapey rather than puffy, and the sleeves are traditional suiting fabric.  That juxtaposition is growing on me.  Conclusion: every fashion item grows on you if you stare long enough. Go ahead and look at more interesting high fashion in the Calvin Klein line for Fall 2017. 

Love you all,


PS: I try very hard to upload a weekly post – and have been successful with that for a few months.  I will do my best to write sewing, or fashion-as-relates-to-sewing thoughts, weekly in 2017.  I will also be sewing, but due to events in my extended family and other commitments, you may see a few missed blog posts this year.  I apologize in advance.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Let Go:  #Hearts and #Quilts and 2017 Fashion Runways

  1. I would title the red dress “queen of hearts”. Very costumey. The whole collection is very flouncy for a romantic spring look. I like some of the black leather dresses and the trousers because they look more wearable and not over the top.
    I would like the quilt coat better with white or pink sleeves to match. The Calvin Klein Fall is mostly masculine trousers and coats.. I like some of the longer skirts but not the underboob exposed look.
    I sometimes take a photo of the TV when I see a blouse or outfit I like in a movie or on a news anchor so I know the feeling of “can’t let go”.


  2. Lisa, I’ve also taken photos of my TV when I like what someone is wearing; so you’re not alone :). Yeah, the glimpses of underboobs take away from an otherwise good design. I guess what ends up in stores will be modified to cover the underboobs.


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