A simple modification

From Fadanista: This lovely sewist’s cool idea is pure genius.


I wasn’t going to blog this make because it is alarmingly simple, but then I did a clever thing (unbecoming lack of modesty, I know!), and thought I would share.

I turned a RTW top into – er – another top (no, that’s not the clever thing!) Back when I was still buying clothes I got talked into this and it looked fabulous on me in the shop, but never looked fabulous again, so I think I only wore it once or twice. Because I wasn’t going to blog this, I didn’t take before photos, but this is a picture of what it looked like


Sorry for the shocking photo, but you can see that it was large with sharp sides hanging down. On me it just looked droopy and frumpy. The image was sewn on a bag that the top came in, which looked like this


I’ve had this top sitting…

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