Sewing Shenanigans for 2016?


Happy New Year’s Eve!

 I would like to list very briefly some happy, some devastating, some interesting things that happened in 2015.

  1. My personal life was eventful in the first half of 2015. There was a wedding, a birth and a death in my family – in the reverse order, though. My mother passed away, a week later my niece gave birth to the first baby of the newest generation of the family, and my daughter got married (happiest day ever). All this happened within three months. The rest of the year, I combined travel with some at-home unwinding.
  2. There was sewing, of course. There were 22 items sewn (not all of them clothing), some of which I shared on this blog. It averages out to 1.83 items a month. Interesting, when you break it down like that!
  3. Now I’ll interject an analytic from WordPress, my blogging platform. The most viewed post in 2015 was the one where I reduced the armhole gap in a sleeveless dress – and I posted it in 2014! I guess useful information will always show up in search engines.

After bodice


What sewing shenanigans will I get into for 2016?

Sewing wise, there is no list, but one thought keeps bugging me – as I age, the time of my typical sewing session is becoming shorter. That will not do, Samina. This is what I will try sometime in 2016.  This is not a resolution, just a plan, and plans can change. You can call it indulging in sewing shenanigans, or pulling a stunt. Tell me what you think:

One week during 2016, I’ll sew one wearable item each weekday, and publish a post the very next morning, daily. What I haven’t figured out is how can I prove to you that I did complete it that very day? Any ideas about that? Anyhow, I just want to see if I CAN sit for longer times at the sewing machine, or if my sewing mojo has really become short lived. We’ll see…..


Happy New Year! Dear readers, May 2016 Bring You Peace and Happiness.


4 thoughts on “Sewing Shenanigans for 2016?

  1. Happy New Year to you too, Samina!
    My resolution is to sew just three wearables in 2016. Yes, I know that sounds measly and small, but since I have delved farther into my jewelry making and home design businesses, sewing has fallen far, far to the wayside. So, it really is a push here! Plus, fashion is not a priority in the ski resort mountain town in which I live, so that counts too. Perhaps I’ll make 3 coats. Yes, that could work . . .
    As for proving your word, I believe that anyone who knows you believes in your word, no question, but perhaps you might consider taking a pic of your “daily garment” with that day’s newspaper in the shot. Or, that day’s iPad screen shot of the date and time.
    Happy sewing in 2016′ Samina, and we can’t wait to see what you make!

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    1. That’s a good idea – about taking a picture with date stamp or the day’s newspaper. It’s all in fun and maybe to prove to myself that I’m not slowing down, when in fact I am…. 🙂
      All the best in the home design business. Looking forward to seeing your jewelry!


  2. A project where you give yourself such a short window of delivery will drive you mad. Out here, we’d go for a weekly update.

    We say this a lot, especially this time of year, but it really is the thought that counts.
    All the best for the new year!

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    1. I probably just want to see if I can do it. I’m considering it a fun self-challenge – although I may fail miserably at it. We’ll see. Thank you for the wishes.


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