Is Anything New?

Well, yes, plenty. But not really. And, that’s OK. Re-claimed designs in the sartorial world can be regenerated and made to look new — but not really.  Before I twist myself into a pretzel, it’s best to start splainin’ myself.  There IS a ton of innovation in the fashion industry but it’s a given that most fashion design is re-imagined.  We all know that.

The first one, an out of print McCall ‘s (I could not find it on their website) was purchased because I did a gleeful double take on first seeing it.  The collar detail is the spitting image of the collar detail on Joan Crawford’s jacket, designed by none other than the legendary Adrian.  The only difference I see is the shorter length of the pattern. This is not a re-issue of a vintage pattern but a knock-off  of the collar (sorry McCall’s but I use this term in the most positive way).  About the composite photo, see explanation at the end of the post about my blogging location.



The other pattern is a Butterick 6253.  I bought it because it appealed to me and seems to fit my easy lifestyle and increasingly pear like shape. The designer is Katherine Tilton. I love this look.  Does it remind you of Balenciaga, in a very nice,wearable way?

B6253. Designed by Katherine Tilton
Cristobal Balenciaga 1963
Last but not least, take a look at these exciting and innovative Bonnie Cashin capes – they are rain capes from the 1960s.  Below that, a 2015 rain cape offering from Cleverhood which includes innovative details meant for bikers for whom rainy weather is not an issue.
Bonnie Cashin
Bonnie Cashin-designed rain cape in glorious fuschia, circa 1960s.
Cleverhood designs a wonderfully clever rain cape in 2015. I photographed this page in Metropolis magazine but you can click on the link to go directly to Cleverhood.
I’m actually thrilled that the pattern designers and pattern companies are offering these occasional gems for home sewers (except for the rain cape which you can purchase for a paltry $249), and making them in wearable versions, and I mean wearable on a daily basis; I don’t see myself in the Balenciaga coat, but I do see myself grabbing Katherine Tilton’s design for Butterick.
OK, your turn.  Comment here and share what you’ve spotted in new fashion and pattern collections which may be a re-thought from years past.
Have yourself a Happy Holiday Season!
Note about my location: I’m visiting family in Southern California!  Therefore, the composite photo above of Joan Crawford/McCalls Pattern — it’s from my camera phone shared during an Instagram frenzy —  since I do nto have access to the actual items to take a good photo. There will be an edit to this post in a few days, so……
Also, blogging on a Mac for the first time.


4 thoughts on “Is Anything New?

  1. In my quest to learn drafting, I have found when you learn to dissect basic slopers from style details, there is really nothing new when it comes to fashion. Someone said ‘fashion continues to repeat itself’. This is true.

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  2. It used to bug me how designs are ‘borrowed’ by one so quickly after they are published by another, but taking the long view proves that it’s just how ideas go around. Suddenly it’s all hoods and capes. Yoked sweatshirts. High waisted jumper dresses.
    It’s in the water.

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