Love Thy (Blogging) Neighbor. Post 3 for Blogging U, #Blogging101


This image has nothing to do with the contents of the post; I just want to include it here for some vintage fashion eye candy, circa 1966. Check out the glorious fanny pack!

Today’s assignment from Blogging101 has to do with “saying hello to the neighbors”. That is, find and follow other bloggers. If one is going to write, one has to read what other people write. Right?

Task #3 does not require writing a post, but the nice lady named Michelle W. over at Blogging U who is conducting the course said we can if we wanted to. I chose to write a post because I want to see how this daily writing pans out for me for the duration of Blogging101.

So, today I will post links to the new writers I followed in the last few hours and some I started to follow as soon as I discovered them. Readers, I’m posting the links so you can discover some more sewing and crafting people.

Threads of History : as the name suggests, vintage sewing and fashion is their thing.

It’s Sewrific & Fabulous : this young lady is a brand new seamstress! I’ll be watching how she hones her sewing skills!

Maggie Makes it Better : Maggie is a prolific reader AND she sews. I noticed that her e-reader book titles all have a fabric or quilt background. Do you suppose that’s her fabric stash?

The Crafty Genius : is also a brand new blog. She is a crochet enthusiast; It will be interesting to see how the sewing and crafting develop.

The 3rd Chapter : this writer shares her adventures in simplifying her life. I, too, find myself moving in that direction.

Libbystitches : is a brand new craftly blog in the UK.

Do visit their blogs; I will be adding these blogs, and more, to my Blogroll (which you can see at the bottom of the page).

Until next time, may the sewing gods be with you  🙂


5 thoughts on “Love Thy (Blogging) Neighbor. Post 3 for Blogging U, #Blogging101

    1. Oh!! Good luck with your sewing lessons. You’ve already taken the first step in buying the machine. I’m sure you’ll love the actual sewing.

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  1. Mmmm more crafting. Because I don’t have enough hobbies I ignore. 😉

    I’ve always admired folks who sew, I am terrible at it. So I love living vicariously through others.

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    1. Yes, that’s a presser foot on my sewing machine. I don’t much like the faded header image but this theme does not offer a different option.
      BTW, I changed the tag line according to your suggestion! Thank you.


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