Frills & Fancies: #CoatsandClark Leaflet, 1934. Vintage, Easy, Fun and Impractical

Dear Readers, did you ever read the fascinating history of Coats and Clarks‘ 200 year timeline back in 2012? You must! I love it when centuries old established companies live in the 21st century – so of course, Coats and Clark has a sewing blog called Sewing Secrets with awesome content. No, this is not an affiliated post, and I have no involvement with Coats other than using their products.

To begin, I am not making a New Year’s or any other kind of resolution. I seldom do well with resolutions. Remember the sewing room revamp resolution a year ago? Fail……………. 😦

But I do make sewing lists, and there are things on my 2015 list which are sorely needed to fill holes in the wardrobe such as pants (an eternal black hole) and some spring attire. And, there are things so much fun and so impractical that I’ll definitely sew them in 2015.

Leaflets - Copy

Enter sewing leaflets from Coats and Clark from the 1930s called “Smart Cuts to Sewing”. Propelled by a fascination with western fashion’s past, I will go ahead and make the items in my set of leaflets – one by one. The leaflets pictured above include some items that would be easily integrated into one’s 2015 closet, but not the others. Today I’m asking for suggestions from you to modernize them.  To help me keep my word, all I’m saying is that by the end of the year, I hope to be able to make them all.

First up, publication No. 580-A, circa 1934: Frilly Jabot with Collar.


IMG_1676 IMG_1677

How will the really cute, frilly, food-stain-magnet, white organdy jabot created 81 years ago fit into my wardrobe in 2015?  I’m all about stylish, but wearable & practical apparel. Here are some options I’m considering:

  1. A ruffled bag. Make the jabot in fake leather, eliminate the collar, add a zipper to make it a handbag or clutch!
  2. Sew it up in a drapey, sheer fabric, printed or solid, attach to a matching blouse, and press down the ruffles so they’re not quite so — out there. Voila! A neckline appendage which is more 2015 ….. and age appropriate?
  3. Let the ruffles have a raw edge. The original ruffles have a folded edge. They’re bias, so no fear of fraying.
  4. Make fewer but wider ruffles.
  5. Any other ideas?  Need your help, readers! How can this jabot be fashionably au courant?

Would you also join me in making this appendage? Oops, I mean jabot.


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