My Over Committed Sewing Life

In other words, this is what’s on my sewing table at this moment. A LOT. These are prime conditions for UFO formation (Unfinished Objects). I hope to persist and finish these commitments in August – or September. October??

Take a look….

Rayon Batik in oxblood and Vogue 8979. Something attracted me to this pattern in spite of “over-worked” design detail. To explain the dichotomy, I like this pattern and I don’t know why. The only place I saw it made up is in Vogue Pattern magazine’s June/July issue. I cannot find anyone else who has made and reviewed it. If you have, come forth and show your stuff!


Vogue Pattern mag
Vogue Pattern Magazine’s version in hammered silk, page 70

 Most needed item in the wardrobe: denim pants in olive/khaki in my new favorite pattern, Donna Karan Vogue 1039.  I really, really like this pattern. Unfortunately, it seems to be out of print.  You can check out a previous version of these pants in this post.

Denim and pants


A lovely sweater knit, which is double sided! It will be made into a cardigan – maybe with a drapey front to show off the wrong side? Or a regular button down cardi? Tell me!

Sweater knit


Blue/Gray undulating striped knit and McCalls 6996. The fabric edge has been under the serger for a week for pre-wash preparation. Yes, I said a week. I like this pattern because of the slightly peplum back (maybe it’ll hide my natural peplum) and non-peplum front.


Pile of knits to make sundry tops and a knit yoga pant. This may be subject to change at the last minute if a new pattern comes along. Check out the digital print at the bottom which looks like a cable knit. Purchased from Nancy Erickson.

 knit fabric

Sewing room curtains!! Long overdue window covering for the sewing room. It’s quite a kitschy print, and that’s the look I’m going for.

Sewingroom curtains

Silk/cotton fabric for a guest post project which will be revealed later, but it has to be finished quickly. As in next week.

 Silk fabric

The inevitable mending and alteration projects:

Daughter #2’s dresses to reduce the armhole gaposis.  Daughter #1’s pants which split in the back and need to be sewn up. Tsk, the pitfalls of buying ready-to-wear….

 Armhole adjust Pant mend

Which one of these do you predict will go in the UFO pile? One, two, all? I hope to prove you wrong and finish them all very soon. You, my friends, need to keep me on my sewing toes. Thanks!


7 thoughts on “My Over Committed Sewing Life

  1. Organized Sewing! That is my goal too. I’ve enlisted help in a wonderful notebook form (yes, old school). It is from Beth Byrge at This is a sewists notebook. It has a croquis for a sketch, info on pattern, fabric, notions and I intend to match it with a fabric notebook. This way when I log in my thoughts I can go back later and not have to try to remember them. And if after I make something and want to alter it I will have a place. I’ve started with my proposed fall wardrobe.


  2. I think your idea of making the cardigan with drape front sounds good.. I also have lots of unfinished projects..this usually occurs when I am at odds with life once that gets resolved I then find I am able to focus again


  3. If this were my sewing pile, the mending/alterations wouldn’t even feature and the curtains would probably be put on hold. The rest would be mood food. Running up yoga pants or making the double knit work, different sewing moods.

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  4. Just looking at your pile makes me envious of your fabric choices! I love the double sided knit fabric, and I agree with the others who said show both sides… I predict that you will sew it ALL before Christmas! Then come and help me — my potential UFO pile is huge. 🙂


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