Pattern Bundle Winners!

bundles glass bowl

 Congratulations to winners of the pattern bundles, and thanks to everyone who put in a comment. It was not just a giveaway but a fun conversation. If you did not see that post, check it out.  The winners:

Bundle 1: CurvyCosplay

Bundle 2: Lisa (Stitch It Again)

Bundle 3: Sue W.

Bundle 4: Wendy

Bundle 5: Ann

Bundle 6: Ivalyn Actie

I’m thrilled that you commented – all 11 of you. We had a nice, intimate conversation about pattern collecting styles.

The winner-picking session started with all names in a glass container. But wait, three of you did not want to win but engaged in conversation for the fun of it (and I loved that), and one did not provide a bundle preference; which left 7 potential winners and I had 6 bundles.

Without going into the gory details, I played a game of roulette to make sure that I came as close as possible to give you what you wanted. Some of you did not get exactly what you preferred, but that’s how it goes. I hope you enjoy the patterns anyway.

I will e-mail each of the winners separately so that you can send me your mailing address. I’m hoping to mail these to you ASAP, so don’t delay in replying to my e-mail. The subject line will be “Patterns from Sew Everything Blog”. So watch for that e-mail (keep an eye on your spam folder).

Thank you for participating in the Sew Everything Blog’s first giveaway. There will be more, I hope, and not just my un-used patterns. I hope to share new stuff with you, too.


PS: I noticed that bundles #1 and #6 had 5 patterns instead of the 6 I mentioned in the post. Sorry. I have added a pattern to each of them.




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