Mom Was a Little Girl Once, and Still Time for Entering Pattern Giveaway

Hi everyone! Please don’t read this if you have already commented and made your choices for the pattern giveaway; thank you so very much if you have. Let me say that at this time you have a VERY good chance of winning your preferred pattern bundle!

If you have not entered the giveaway, and want to win a group of awesome patterns, go ahead and read the previous post here and make a comment.  The whole thing will end next Friday, April 18, 2014, on my mom’s birthday.

Just for fun, this is what she looked liked as a little girl. I’m told this picture was taken in Bangalore, India in the early 1930s, where my grandparents “summered”. Check out my mother’s crochet slip!?! Little girl has no clue that it’s too high; maybe that was the style those days in India. The little boy is my late uncle; still miss him. The adults, of course, are my beloved grandparents who are also missed.  Don’t you love old pictures where everyone dressed to the nines for a family photo?

Rahman Family


Thanks in advance for entering last week’s giveaway. Remember, it will close on 4-18-2014. Good luck!


PS: watch out for my earth month posts!! The giveaway is all part of that celebration….

2 thoughts on “Mom Was a Little Girl Once, and Still Time for Entering Pattern Giveaway

  1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for the birthday wish for my mom. She sewed, but preferred knitting and did a lot of it. My grandma was the sewer and embroiderer.


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