Project Runway: Under the Gunn Games

Instead of me writing some introductory drivel, let’s get right to this Jeopardy-like post.  Hope you enjoy it. Go ahead, add your own impressions in the comments section.

A note to all involved with Project Runway: Under the Gunn: I love you all and adore the show. Please forgive my snarkiness. It’s me, not you….

A: He wears no pants and probably does not own a pair.  Q: Who is mentor Mondo Guerra?

A: The garment was not underlined and consequently looked cheaply made and lost its design lines in the bodice. This is a red carpet challenge, please.  Lesson: Underline, underline, underlineQ: Who is Stephanie O, and why was her green red-carpet piece so messy looking?

A: I can hardly wait to see who wears this jumpsuit on the red carpet. Looking at you, Miley Cyrus! Out of the box thinking should go only so far. This ain’t no red carpet look, judges.   Q: What is Sam’s winning design for the red carpet challenge.

A: She got yelled at by Tim Gunn.  Q: Who is Isabelle?

A: “No, no, no, no, no!”  Q: What phrase has officially replaced “Make It Work”?

A: She seems to be emulating fashion designer Edna Mode of The Incredibles, the movie.   Q: Who is judge and designer Trina Turk?

A: She finally grew hair on the other side of her head!!!   Q: Who is mentor and past Project Runway winner Anya Ayoung-Chee?

A: He’s an interfering but well-meaning mother-in-law. Step away from the muslin, please!  Q: Who is mentor Nick Verreos?

A: She seems to be familiar with sewing terms and techniques. More power to her!! Hey, Project Runway, air more sewing and construction centered critique, please.   Q: Who is judge and stylist Jen Rade?

A: She is the Michael Kors of Project Runway: Under the Gunn. Also known as resident snark expert.   Q: Who is judge and stylist Jen Rade?

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to comment. If you do not watch Under the Gunn, you should! It is my fashion sewing fix on TV.


6 thoughts on “Project Runway: Under the Gunn Games

  1. LOL, ha ha ha Great post!!!! You pegged Nick spot on….notice how he stayed away and didn’t help his team and they won!!! Go figure!!!! Anya in my opinion got real lucky when she won! Her garments were so minimal…she didn’t even appear to know how to sew…I was shocked when she won her season!!!! She shouldn’t have!!!! I love the winning look last night, but I agree it’s for a younger person. To me Red Carpet means beautiful gown! But that also depends on which event it is. Isabella was a train wreck from day one!!!!!! She couldn’t complete any garment on time and her last installment was absolutely hideous!!!! Nick lost patience with her and threw her under the bus last week…….


    1. Ivalyn, I was totally shocked when Anya kept progressing through to the end. Viewing her audition tape, I was sure she would be eliminated soon due to lack of sewing skills. The judges had other plans…….


  2. Lol….nailed it. And you know things have to be bad when Tim Gunn loses his temper–Isabelle’s whining about how it wasn’t fair when she had just as much time as the other designers would have driven me nuts, too!


    1. You’ll enjoy it immensely, I think. The first season was chock full of drama, but we did get to see some good design.
      I’m the same with the Great British Sewing Bee. Unless someone puts it on YouTube, I cannot see it. Not even on the BBC website.


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