Nothing’s New

If you know me, you also know that I love, love fashion and sewing history. That means that I collect publications like this one. It is Vogue Patterns Magazine dated December 1947/January 1948 with Holiday oriented content.  I consider it an important and exciting piece of history.  Vogue Patterns 1947 and 48

Here are some images from the magazine for you to enjoy.  I’m not sure who to thank; Conde Nast who published this particular issue back in the day, or the McCall Pattern Company which now owns Vogue Patterns. I profusely thank both companies!

Pattern resembling Christian Dior's Bar Suit
Pattern resembling Christian Dior’s Bar Suit
How to update last season's skirts
How to update last season’s skirts

Christian Dior’s New Look, personified by the Bar Suit made a splash in 1947; and lo and behold there are patterns featured in this magazine which display that long bouffant skirt, wasp waist look. There is even a feature which shows you how to extend the skirt length of shorter versions of previous seasons!

New skirt length in 2014. Image from InStyle magazine
New skirt length in 2014. Image from InStyle magazine

Do you know that the skirt length du jour of 2014 is the longer calf-grazing look resembling the Christian Dior look of 1947?

Peplums of 1947!

The magazine also has a spread on peplums; interesting to see the peplum trend staying on for the last couple of years!

All I can say (again) is, nothing’s new.

Thanks for reading! May you have a Happy and Prosperous 2014!  See you next week right here on the Sew Everything Blog.


7 thoughts on “Nothing’s New

    1. I agree with you totally. It’s so much fun to track fashion history. As the story goes the editor of a fashion publication made a comment which dubbed it the “New Look”.


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