Christmas Crafts and the Non-Christian Crafter

Technically, my family does not observe the Christmas holiday. Non-observance notwithstanding, I am so in love with sewing and crafting Christmas items. I get into the spirit of it even though there is no Christmas tree in my window and no strings of lights on my house.  But then, any holiday in my family, even my own Eid is a very quiet one these days……….

Gift card holders

But the holiday sewing and crafts — omg. What’s not to love about creating those festive items? The paper pieced Christmas tree, Santa or snowman mug rugs; or a 5 year old’s hand printed wreath made 30 years ago; or the folded velvet ribbon pinecone ornament; all of them made lovingly, most given away as gifts, but all made with a smile on my face.  Many years ago, I made smocked dresses for my little girls, one in red and green plaid, and the other a cream cotton smocked with a Christmas tree motif.  Somewhere in my possession is a box of unfinished Christmas stockings, originally started as gifts. One of these days….

This year, I had just one afternoon to spare and made a pair of proverbial “quick gifts” (gift holders, rather).  Thanks to Heather of The Sewing Loft and her easy instructions, I was able to actually finish these two gift card holders in a very short time. A beautiful person who takes care of my elderly mother will receive a gift in one of these holders.

This link to The Sewing Loft’s instructions will set you on your way. Here are some details on how I made mine:

Sewn and Phoomphed
Sewn on left, Phoomph-ed on the right
  1. Nothing was purchased anew in the making of the two gift card holders. I found everything in my stash.
  2. I used a thick red scratchy wool melton from my stash, rather than craft felt. Why? Because I had it.
  3. The scraps of ribbons were also in a long forgotten plastic bag. There were only red, white and gold ribbons so I ran with those and ended up with Christmas trees trying to be candy canes.
  4. Gold metallic thread was used to sew the projects.
  5. Here’s the kicker: one of the Christmas tree motifs was made with Phoomph.
  6. The other one was made per Heather’s instructions using the sewing machine and the walking foot. I love the funky, innocent, imperfect look.
  7. The star on both trees is a Phoomph feature. This product is really growing on me.
  8. There is a ribbon loop on each one so that it can be used as a tree ornament.

So there you have it. Thanks for the instructions, Heather! Hope you will go on to The Sewing Loft and try out this project and many others.  Put your own spin on it and tell Heather and me about it!  I’m not sure if I can pull another project this year, but who knows. “Quick Holiday Projects” can be quite addictive.

Your turn now, dear readers, to tell us of any “quick gift” sewing you’ve pulled off in the 2013 Holiday Season.

Have a Great Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!


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