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It’s been six months since this blog was launched, in a modest kind of way. But then all personal blogs are launched modestly. I’ve learned many things in those 6 months.

I’ve learned that I’m still a tiny blip in the blogosphere. I’m ecstatic that there are now 49 followers of the Sew Everything Blog.  They must “get” me.  I love them all!

I’ve learned that at my age it’s empowering to learn the nuances of writing a blog, not to speak of the technical stuff.

I’ve learned about, and am newly fascinated with the other social media outlets. Three years ago I would never have said these words: I love Twitter.  Also, I resisted a Facebook profile until two years ago when my family pressed me into creating one.

I’ve learned that this blog is a niche blog – my niche is sewing. Social media pundits declare that a blog post must be published at regular intervals; the more frequent the intervals the better. Do the pundits know that to write a sewing niche blog there has to be considerable sewing activity to generate blog fodder?  That’s OK by me since I love to sew – all the time. I still do not generate enough material for a weekly blog like this one. So I end up writing general posts. One good thing about a general interest post – I get to practice writing skills.

I’ve learned that one’s real life issues can put a dent in the blogging schedule. Housing an elderly parent in my home is trying. My dear mother lives with me and is in declining health. She takes precedence over an unfinished blog post or sewing project.

I’ve learned that collaboration with other bloggers is one great way to have a regular publishing schedule, i.e. guest bloggers.  Basically get other people to write stuff for you. But the Sew Everything Blog is too small to attract guest posters. Maybe I should write a post for another blog first. I’m working on it…..

I’ve learned of things like “linky Tuesdays” (or Wednesdays or Fridays) which means that your post on that day consists only of links to other blogs which your readers may find interesting. If you have a large following, it will benefit the linked blog by sending viewers there. The blogging world is generous.

I’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt when the social media experts tell you to refrain from comparing your stats (statistics: number of views, visitors and comments. I can only guage other blogs’ comments. Views and visitor stats are private) to other more successful blogs. Sorry experts, I will look at my stats and be devastated that there were only seven views on my blog on a certain day. Why shouldn’t I be? I write this stuff for other people to read, not for myself.  But I’ll get over it.  Yup, some bloggers will insist that they write for their own enjoyment.  I also love to read my own words, but really……

I’ve learned that conventional wisdom put forth by the aforementioned pundits strongly advises planning and writing blog posts ahead of time and scheduling them for publishing on designated days of your choosing.  This alone tends to make serious blogging a full time job – almost.

I’ve learned that the experts are right in urging you to comment on other blogs – and comment sincerely. It will bring viewers to you who may become followers and be “engaged” with what you have to say (i.e. they will write comments on your post). Unless you have a following in the tens of thousands, this is a difficult thing for a blog owner. You can’t force readers to comment.

I’ve learned that there is another side to the same coin (above): you can “engage” with well established blogs and their owners by following, commenting your heart out, include their links in your post and sincerely liking their work.  No acknowledgement is received.   In all fairness, I have engaged with some wonderful bloggers with a following which shoots into the stratosphere, who have become authors, guested on TV shows (not sewing shows but general talk shows) and are still firmly grounded. They genuinely love their readership.

I’ve learned that it’s in my nature to share the sewing hobby in all its technical and aesthetic glory. I’m asked whether I make money with my blog. I’d love to do that some day.  Meanwhile, I’ll have to remain a tiny blip in the blogging world.

I’ve learned, finally, that it’s oh so easy to throw all of one’s lifelong privacy concerns out the window after delving into social media. Blame my sewing hobby…..

I’ve learned that I must ask a question at the end of a post to encourage comments. I won’t do that today; however, I would love to see your thoughts on my thoughts above.

As always, thank you for visiting and reading this post. Love you all…..


12 thoughts on “Just a Blip in the Blogosphere

  1. Interesting comments Samina – I keep thinking about a blog – but that’s as far as I get – the regularly publishing is what keeps me from pressing forward (along with the lack of technical know how and the most important – who will read me!!!


  2. Hey Samina, I can relate to every comment you put forth here. I am just in love with the blogging world and sewing in general, but it definitely has it’s areas of difficulty that you have to work through. I find comments can be tricky. Sometimes, I comment on other’s blogs and find that those folks comment on others blogs but never my own. Some folks don’t like to comment on blogs that get too many comments. Some folks don’t like to comment on blogs that get too few comments. And, some folks (like me) comment because they want to, find it interesting and fun and enjoy the interaction. So, that’s the part that I try to focus on and keep the fun in it. I love ‘interacting’ on the blogs the most. When people come back and respond to my comment that I’ve left in response to their comment and etc. Social media is taking some of this away, it appears, but that’s one of my favourite parts of the blog, the actual interaction and conversational tone. And, yes, sometimes the blog post can seem like SO much work. You have to have all your links in order and correct, your pics need to be clear and interesting, grammar, spelling, topics to include, information to omit, etc. But, my favourite blog posts are those where I learn something myself, due to looking up some history or including other folks’ links and pics, etc. Well, I hope you continue to blog and continue to interact with me on my blog!


    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this issue, Catja! I also love the blogging world, becoming captivated after discovering sewing blogs through various other website like Pattern Review etc.
      Yes, other social media is taking away from people actually leaving detailed comments, but one cannot remove the reach which Twitter and Facebook has to direct readers to one’s blog. (I really have to work on my Facebook reach, though. Maybe that’s the key…)


  3. Keep on blogging! This is your nook of the whole wide world. I’ve learned over time to accept all comments, negative/positive/ugly/lovely with grace and dignity and continue doing what makes me happy! Love your tips. HUGS.


  4. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, but I love pinning on Pinterest. I’m a sporadic commenter on blogs and aim to publish a post on my blog 3-5 times a month. I found your blog through one of your comments, and enjoyed reading through it.

    I follow one blog about blogging with Word Press for tips. When someone lands on your blog, how easy it is to navigate? I don’t see any categories listed on the sidebar to click on to find what might interest me – like techniques, designers, or projects, yet I know you have informative and entertaining posts on these. What are your most viewed posts (besides home page/archives)? That will give you an idea of what readers are looking to read. Tutorials are useful and are being searched for on search engines and pinned on Pinterest. I will always click a tutorials link.

    Just a few ideas for you to consider.


    1. Thank you so very much for your comment and of course for following me!
      I agree with you that the sidebar looks blank in my blog, and it could be easier to navigate. For that I blame myself for choosing a theme which can only let me add widgets at the bottom. I did not think it out thoroughly.
      I keep wanting to change themes, but am not sure about losing posts and such.
      Thank you for your ideas, and please keep them coming!


      1. I am a smaller blip than you but I feel that blogging and learning new things is adding interest and fulfillment to my life. You inspired me to rearrange my own widgets. I didn’t know that about your theme – technical issues are challenging! Don’t be discouraged. Keep writing about what you enjoy.


  5. Hey There,
    I began following you just last week as I stumbled onto your site while surfing through other sewing blogs. I have maintained a blog for over 3 years and just recently dropped away from posting weekly. All you have said above is very true, and growing a readership is a time consuming, full time job. My blog has morphed a lot from the beginning and a weekly edition was becoming less and less fun. I still post when the feeling hits but what readership I had has fallen off so much that I removed the counter.

    I encourage you to let your blog be what YOU want. If numbers are important put your effort behind what the experts say but you will reap many benefits if you post just because you enjoy it,

    I enjoy what you have to say and although I don’t comment often I’ll let you know when i have stopped by. Cheers and the best of luck on-line!


    1. Sally, I deeply appreciate you following me and for cheering me on with your comment! At this time I will have to stop stressing over the views, unique visitors and so on — out of necessity more than anything.
      But here’s another twist which keeps me wanting to blog weekly: sewing and writing about it is an out for me from the daily stresses of taking in an elderly parent. (Thank goodness for hired caregivers, but still…) So I make it a point to sew and write, which are my two much-loved activities.


  6. I started following your blog after it was mentioned on our ASG mailing list. I started sewing 17 months ago. So I appreciate your articles.
    If you have the timer I would like to know of any good independent patterns you can recommend. I mostly use Burda as they have good patterns for mens shirts.


  7. Good points and good comments. Blog away, we like your direction, your fun and your insight into your sewing world. I think your blog is inclusive and inviting. Finding time to sew is always a struggle. Knowing what to sew is a challenge but enjoying the sharing is fun.


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