Earth Week Re-Fashion continued. Cardi to Scarf 2

Hi there, I’m back with the rest of my cut up cardigan to share the making of a second scarf.

IMG_0827_1To recap, I had sliced up the cardigan into as many 6 inch wide lengths as the cardigan would yield. The swirly scarf used up some of the lengths plus a considerable portion of the yoke/sleeves portion.   So, with the rest of the 6” wide lengths, I created this two-sided (or lined, if you will) scarf.  To begin, I joined the remaining knit lengths together so that the seams fell evenly throughout the scarf length.  Before sewing up the end pieces, I appliqued a rose design using my Brother embroidery machine.


The applique fabric was the same silk velvet used for the other side of the scarf. Then these two pieces were joined to the two ends, completing the knit side of the scarf. Note that the short ends of this scarf are a fold, and not a seam.  Here’s how I did it.  I cut a matching piece of the second fabric, a lush, moss green silk velvet from my stash for the second side.  I cut it the same 6” width, but increased the length to an extra 8-9” on EACH short side.

If you’re sewing with me, here is where I will change from first person to directly addressing you.   Pick out the grosgrain ribbon you removed from the front of the cardigan, cut two 6” lengths from it and machine sew one edge of the grosgrain to the shorter velvet ends by topstitching it on the right side of the velvet. Sew very close to the edge of the ribbon.  Take a look at the circled area of the picture below.


Place the knit and the velvet strips, right sides together, centering the knit to the velvet, which means that the extra fabric you added to the velvet will extend 8-9” on each short side. Pin. Sew the two long ends in a ½” seam.  Press. Turn inside out, press from the right side while also pressing the seam allowance width in on the velvet/grosgrain extensions. Turn up the extensions with the grosgrain so that the grosgrain covers the end of the knit fabric by about ½” on the right side. Pin, and repeat this fold-over process on the other short end.  Use your hand sewing skills now to close up the velvet end extensions on the sides, and the grosgrain/knit openings. Do this on both ends of the scarf. Done!

After this appliqued, velvet backed version, all I had left from the original cardigan was a little bit of the grosgrain ribbon from the front edge, the buttons and the label. OK, some insignificant scraps too!


I love this scarf! What do you think? Will you be digging out an old sweater this week to save it from a landfill future? Share your re-makes in the comment section.  We’d love to hear about a non-sewing re-make, too!

And, thank you for reading…………….


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