I’d Like to Give Back (Blame the Sewing Bloggers)

Blame the bloggers. They are the reason I launched this blog in the already saturated social media firmament.

Are you listening bloggers? Some of you are rock stars of the sewing blogosphere and others are not (yet).  Maybe it’s part of your business, or you aspire to an income generating blog, or you write your web log for the pure joy of sharing. I have tremendous admiration for all of you.  Now I’m giving back.

You’ve inspired me to get behind the sewing machine immediately, and have generally impressed me as being torch bearers for bringing the art of sewing to your peers. Um, I’m a little beyond your peer group, though. Because of that, you’re my heroes. I have been sewing forever, and can teach you a sewing technique or two. You’ve taught me a lot more. Bloggers, I find, share this trait of inclusiveness and generosity. You share sewing projects and ideas with abandon – even if you have projects and ideas to sell.  You share non-sewing expertise, should someone ask. You do not refrain from offering your own platform to other bloggers.  From sewing techniques, to making patterns, to embellishments, one just has to ask and the question is answered in online avenues.  I look up to your written word, your creations and most of all your spirit. I’d like to give back.

Take a look at my blog roll below to see just a few of the blogs I am checking in with. Heck, I even participated in a sew-along. I follow some old “friends” and keep finding new ones.  Consider the power of social media – I’m allowed to use the term “friends” for people I’ve never met, and even for some of you who don’t know I exist.

Dear reader, I would LOVE to see your thoughts about the blogging world’s sewing niche. Some of you, who may have literally grown up blogging, are probably groaning……..

Meanwhile, take a look at these images. They’re related. Do you know how?  Watch for the next blog post……



Thank you for checking in! I look forward to hearing what you have to say about this post.  Do follow me on Facebook and Twitter – @seweverything.


6 thoughts on “I’d Like to Give Back (Blame the Sewing Bloggers)

  1. Thanks for your comment! I think that sewing bloggers are instrumental in moving the sewing world forward. More power to them.


  2. There are so many good blogs. I really can’t keep up. I think the world needs more experienced seamstresses talking about what works especially nice for newbies. Sewing has a high failure rate. People DO NOT like spending money on expensive fabric and patterns only to have it be unwearable. You know what I mean? So teach away Samina! I’m listening!

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    1. Oo, Jilly, you found this old post! yeah, its disheartening to see people give up on sewing for whatever reason. Maybe that is one of the reasons communicators like you and me have taken the job of taking the fear (of fabric) out of sewing. Actually, I have a one year old draft with that very title sitting around waiting to be finished and posted :).

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