Hidden Sewing Areas

Yes, I have one that is not immediately apparent. Years ago, I gave away some legit sewing room items, including the sewing machine cabinet and a folding cutting table to make room for guests. To date, I have not bought replacements for reasons I still can’t pinpoint; maybe I don’t want to go to the trouble of assembling stuff? The one time I was ready to buy a sewing machine cabinet, it was priced at $5000. Um… no.

What lies beneath

What lies beneath … is pulled out for cutting out.
Under-bed bin with pinning and cutting tools

So, the cutting mat moved to the floor and under the bed, invisible to those not in the know. For cutting activities, the mat slides out. I added a bin to hold cutting and pinning tools and notions there on a semi-permanent basis. That is how the under-bed sewing/cutting spot came into being. Then the sore knee issue came up. I cannot comfortably bend my knees and sit on the floor like I used to; therefore, the cutting mat and tools have to be brought up and situated on top of the bed to cut out a project. It’s time to seriously look for a folding cutting table for my real sewing room — yes, it exists. But I am obsessing over hidden sewing spots right now. Do you have one?

This idea, below, could be a pipe dream, but we’ll see.

Main bath current layout
Circled in yellow, my 10×5 walk in is part of the pipe dream remodel.

For further obsession, could I transform my walk-in closet to a hidden sewing room? Said closet can only be approached through the main (aka master) bath, which is making me look at my bathroom with new eyes. I did a rough drawing, one thing led to another and my imagination has me knocking down a wall, removing/adding a door, adding windows and skylights. Oh my!

Working backwards, I would have to move the clothes, shoes and sundry stuff elsewhere. There is another walk-in closet in the same bathroom but smaller. Could I fit all my stuff from the larger one to the smaller one? I would have to do a major wardrobe cull!! Domino effect alert!! Not sure what more is likely to crop up, but I am giving it a good hard think.

Working further backwards: money. I will have to deal with funding because this is becoming a good solid remodel. Even if only in my head.

Working way, way backwards: will have to get approval from my resident architect. She may give it a thumbs down.

This made me obsess about other hidden sewing areas. Do you have one? A closet, or some other spot in your house which is unseen when not in use? Might I suggest you take a look at my friend Kasey’s dream sewing studio?

Sewing Space Book recommendation

I can’t stop staring at this image in the book.

Importantly, do you own this book by Palmer Pletsch? Published in 1996, it is chock full of pertinent information —- besides eye-candy sewing areas. It covers every situation from dedicated sewing studios to tiny closet sewing areas to shared spaces (laundry room) to under-stairs spaces. Nothing is left out.

That’s it for now, friends! See you next time,


4 thoughts on “Hidden Sewing Areas

  1. I do have one secret hidden sewing storage idea. I have a very large cutting mat 6′ x 4′. I store it standing behind a large armoire. I leave just enough at the edge to get a hold of it to slide it out. THen use it on either my kitchen island or dining table. My sewing space is the upstairs landing which has a window and enough space for my sewing cabinet, a fabric cabinet and chairs to dream up my next projects.


  2. I’m in an apartment, so my sewing areas aren’t so much *hidden* as they are *temporary.* My folding cutting mat (which is only 18″ x 24″ when unfolded) sits behind the bedroom door with my tracing table (which can serve as a measuring/marking/cutting lap desk if I want); the iron and ironing board live in the coat closet but generally get used in front of the TV; my sewing machine and most of my pins/notions live on my actual desk in one corner of the living room, but the machines I borrow from my local library get used on the dining room table (and set on the floor beside it when not in use).

    Even my fabric stash is all over the place – an under-bed bin here, the bottom drawer of my dresser there, the bin beside the couch, the small cabinet on top my desk hutch. If I’m lucky, I won’t forget what supplies I have XD


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