“Color Blocking”: Means Different Things in the Fashion Industry versus Home Sewing Enthusiasts

Not sure why the term “color blocking” has diverged where the fashion industry and the home fashion-sewing industry intersect. The sewing enthusiast’s version of the term refers to areas of solid color placed in one garment. The fashion industry refers to solid color separates worn together as color blocking. Hmmmph.

Fashion Industry Application of the Term “Color Block”

On the left, I’m wearing what the fashion industry usually refers to as color blocking.
Right: a Pinterest image of RTW; you can see the source of the image at bottom of the picture.

A Fashion Sewing Enthusiast’s Color Blocked Garment

I’ve indulged myself before in a color block exercise (below), which was part of a group challenge pertaining to use of leftover fabric from other self-sewn garments. I have worn it excessively— that’s how much I love it.

A home sewer’s color-blocked project. Note the peek-a-boo detail at the shoulder.

Inspiration: New and Vintage

Inspired again, I am currently working on ideas for a color blocked garment that is also a daily wear piece (is there any other piece anymore?). First, some inspiration images — my favorite part of sharing stuff with you.

Images by Hanifa, Fall 2022 Collection. From VogueRunway.com The color-blocking and the maxi length is outstanding!!
Ultimate Vintage Inspiration!! Left: Marjorie Merriweather Post’s 100 year old dress. Here’s a link to the article. Right: Artistic color-blocking — 1940-41 dress. In the movie “My Favorite Wife” it is a bit modified at the neckline, according to info from a Pinterest post. Costume designer for that movie was Howard Greer, and the dress was worn by Irene Dunne

Sorting Out a New Color Block: Beachy Vibes

My preference is the maxi. What do you think? The shaded area in my illustrations will be the blue knit, contrasted with sand. Both knits from Sew Much Fabric.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend. These days I am going through the annual Ramadan fasting routine, at the end of which I celebrate Eid. Yay. Missing my umpteen cups of tea.


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