Chatty Post: Happy 2022 🙏 😐 and more Sewing Randomness.

Hi Readers! I’ve been away from blogging unintentionally (if intentional, I would have notified you). So let’s do a randomly chatty post.

Cardigan Adjustment and New Accessory

Notice the new blue accessory??

Someone referred to my new cardigan as nightwear, which was not my goal with this cardi! But, that someone was right; it did look more robe than chic, long cardigan. At my friend Roz’s suggestion, I made it shorter, accessorized it appropriately and… does it still give nightwear vibes? You tell me. Also, in the photo you’ll see my newest accessory which may or may not be the reason for my absence on this blog, along with some other happenings. Not Covid related since I am militant about protecting me and mine.

Finished Something 🙄

I finished up this counter-runner featured in a previous post. About time, too.

Still Unfinished….

Well, three finished, two not. This has been a decade long stash project.

The unfinished Christmas stockings in the UFO stash emerged and I managed to complete a third one. The fourth and fifth will have to wait another year.

Resolutions? Be S.M.A.R.T.

Justine Leconte has a YouTube Channel

Happy 2022 resolutions. I’d stopped making New Year resolutions years ago, because the last sewing related one in 2010 was so successful. This year I decided to make another after watching Justine Leconte’s video. She talks about the acronym S.M.A.R.T. which made sense to me. So, once I’ve sorted out Justine’s recommendations, I’ll let you know my 2022 intentions (not resolutions). Does the intention have to be finalized on January 1? I think not. Meanwhile, enjoy Justine’s video.

Trolling Successful Designers

Moving on, one of my fun time-wasters is scrolling through where I find awesome inspiration as well as designers to troll. The green piece is by very talented designer Christopher John Rogers, whose take on elasticized fashion is asking for some humorous trolling. This dress seems inspired by pull on pants, elongated, leave room in the side seams for the arms and you have an off-shoulder dress. You may snicker but I think it falls under the category of clever, twisted-classic (my term) design.

Truly Inspired by Armani

Then there’s my current obsession with this Giorgio Armani look, Spring 2022 collection.

The closeup shows the flowers are embroidered onto the fabric! Well, I’ll settle for a printed rayon knit with the same vibes from Sew Much Fabric.

Friends, let’s hope 2022 brings this crazy world back into focus….Love and virtual hugs to you all. Thank you for reading my words. My blogging schedule is currently in disarray, so until whenever….


9 thoughts on “Chatty Post: Happy 2022 🙏 😐 and more Sewing Randomness.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I’m hoping it’s a temporary cane, and I won’t have to use it very long. Who knows. I wish I could have made that outfit for Designin’ December, but it wasn’t in the cards. Hopefully next year….

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  1. Hey Samina! I think the cardi looks great the way you’ve styled it with the grey pants and top and the length is good– would probably look good with all black underneath it too. I can relate to your new accessory – I got one last Spring because of a combination of plantar fasciitis and sciatic nerve problems. Went to physical therapy and all is well now but I keep the cane by the door, just in case….I like your blue one, mine is black with birds and flowers on it :). Growing old gracefully!


    1. Oh, Charlene! I might have the same sciatic issue before the knee buckled. I’ll find out next week after a visit to the orthopedist. Really puts a crimp in my movement. So glad you’re well now. Actually, Asra bought the cane for me so I had no choice in the design. Take care, my friend.


  2. Hi Samina, I like the cardi but think it is still a bit long – especially for those of us who are height challenged😁. What caused your new accessory? I approve of the blue! Hugs, me


    1. Hi, Julie! My left knee buckled, and right in the doctor’s office. I’ll be seeing the orthopedist next week. Hugs back at ya ❤️.


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