Road to Speedy Sewing: Does Cutting Out Multiple Projects in One Session Work?

I’m very sure, dear readers, that many of you cut multiple sewing projects at one time and stack them up ready to sew.  I never did – until now.  Because, isn’t that a sure way to collect a pile of unfinished items? My modus operandus is about sewing one wearable completely before starting a new one.  Did that contribute to my slow sewing? We’ll see after if I can make the simplest of garments in under two weeks (eyeroll) after adopting the multi-cut method.

For now, I’ll take a baby step and start out with cutting just two projects – see below. They’re ready to be interfaced and fed into the machine.

1.On the right, a vintage Paris print apron with bias bound edges, a pocket and a button closure behind the neck; I’m using an eleven year old pattern Simplicity 2298 which is apparently out of print. Why do I want a new apron when I have two perfectly good ones? Because I grab an apron every time I begin to cook a meal, and the old aprons are beginning to bore me. Truth.

2. On the left, a robe to go with my silk crepe pajamas. It coordinates with the polka dot cuffs on the pjs. Am I still excited about loungewear after being allowed to venture out into the world?  Yes. In the plans is a summer caftan for myself.  During this pandemic, people have discovered new things about themselves and our changed world; I have discovered that when I am home, there’s no reason not to wear silk pjs and flowy caftans in fancy fabric.

Pajama set that needs a robe. Pattern for the robe is from a book by The Great British Sewing Bee

I’ll check back here to tell you if the multi-cut process really did shorten the project completion timeline.

Quick trick

Write down dimensions of a linear pattern piece which may be square or rectangular and cut out once . Why bother cutting out the pattern tissue and then the fabric?

Do not cut out pieces from the pattern tissue that are perfectly linear such as the front band, cuffs, belt and belt loops on the robe. Measure them on the pattern tissue, write down the dimensions, mark the lines directly on fabric (or not) and make short work of cutting out with your ruler and scissors (or rotary cutter).

That’s it, friends! See you next week. Hope you had a fantastic July 4th.  

3 thoughts on “Road to Speedy Sewing: Does Cutting Out Multiple Projects in One Session Work?

  1. Hi Samina! I have tried the “multi-cut” method a couple of times, after hearing about it from Eileen and Becki from Fashionistas. The first time was with multiples of the same thing – a T-shirt – and the second time was with the pieces of a mini capsule. I’m not sure if I like it, maybe I need to try it again. With the Tees, I made time in my schedule to do all the cutting one day, then all the sewing the next day, so in a way it worked out, but it was little stressful (only my own self-applied pressure) to get, was it seven or nine tops, done at once. (I had been collecting knit fabric all year to make tops and needed to just get it done.)

    As for the capsule, eh, it was ok. I felt a little lost sometimes when I’d put the whole thing away then went back; not starting from “cutting” for each piece was a little disorienting, but then again it was also a bit of relief: oh, I have that done already, what’s next…

    But I wish you luck in your experiment, can’t wait to see how it turns out!


  2. Hey, Kasey! Thank you for your input! I can see how multi-cutting worked well with your knit tops. I can also see how it would work with your capsule, too — and you probably did minimum thread changes. I didn’t think about thread color with my two projects. Still trying to apply tips and tricks to speed up sewing and still have a well sewn item.


  3. I don’t usually cut out more than one, because I will get in a hurry and sew part of one with the color thread from the other “because it will barely show” AND IT WILL.
    That said, I did, three more of the same woven top pattern (mostly so I could get them into the rotation for work wear) (and cut out the interfacing at the same time) and only sewed part of the green blue one with the black thread from the first.
    And it shows. But they are done, and only I will notice that sleeve seam (no topstitching in the wrong color) .


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