Ribbed Fabric: Medicine for Sewing Lag

The fabric buying spirits, though, are alive!! This beautiful grey bamboo rib knit (and some other fabric) was recently purchased from Sew Much Fabric; I noticed a bunch of rib knit garments emerge in the fashion diaspora during the past year. Although I have never sewn a garment in ribbed fabric, I did wear a closely fitted ribbed knit tunic – belted – back in 1973, ’74 and ’75. Might have a photo somewhere…..


InStyle magazine featured Melissa McCarthy in a figure hugging turquoise rib knit dress, and it is everything going for it. The dress is by Hanifa whose story I am totally obsessed with.  If you’re wondering how long the dress measures to make Melissa pose on a stool, I checked Hanifa’s website – dress length is 62 inches.  Do the math and you can figure out how tall Melissa McCarthy really is. 

It has a matching scarf!
More Hanifa

Then, I saw my friend Andrea post a full length ribbed flaming red dress of her own pattern (Misty Top) on her Instagram feed – follow her on @sewtofit and scroll down to the red dress. 


According to these two books, there are some extra things to consider, other than the usual sewing-with-knit processes.  “Sewing with Knits” by the Taunton Press, emerged out of a long hibernation and delivered some interesting info. Same with “Fabric Sewing Guide” by Claire Shaeffer.  I will visit that info when I am actually making my ribbed knit outfit. 


Fashion illustration skills are wanting, but here is my vision for now. Interest at the neckline seems like a good idea.

Which brings us to what exactly I had in mind.  Here it is, sketched out and light years away from the glorious dress by Hanifa. I just cannot do figure-hugging stuff.  I want mine to be close fitting only in the upper torso.  Pants are very loose, as is my go-to pant style for 2021. There is some neckline interest – we shall see how that works out.   Do you think you can pull off the rib knit dress a la Hanifa?  

Until next time…. and hopefully with my sewing energy back in form.


3 thoughts on “Ribbed Fabric: Medicine for Sewing Lag

  1. LOVE your sketches, Samina! And I am a graphic designer w/ zero drawing skills, but I know it when I see it!
    I like your ideas for the neckline interest and swing top over pants. I, too, am interested in sewing with rib knit, even if I am not interested in a body-con style; I just like the material. It adds interest and doesn’t rumple.


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