Trivial and Important Stuff in the Worlds of Sewing, Fashion, Literature.

Hi readers!  It’s amazing how long I’ve hung around in the sewing community.  Some things which were new many years ago are now reintroduced to a new audience.  Then again, there are revelations (sewing and otherwise) which make me happy and excited to gain that new knowledge.  Today, I have thoughts and links to share instead of a finished wardrobe item or a sewing technique or something.  Actually, it’s quite fun to write these “just-my-thoughts” and “look-what-I-found” posts. Read all the way down….

  1. Results of the #VogueCouchCouture Challenge See more entries in this Vogue article!
Left: from Valentino’s 2021 couture line. Right: Heidi Klum’s take.
This Giambattista Valli on the left is totally nailed by the maker on the right. Bravo.

I knew it. The fashion pundits at Vogue must be hanging out in the sewing community. They have never shown an interest (on purpose or they were totally unaware) in the fact that their readers and online followers might include seamstresses and “crafters.  Remember two posts ago? I shared Vogue’s DIY challenge to all who wanted to recreate a look from the Haute Couture – any season – the #VogueCouchCouture.  Results are in, and impressive in some entries and purposefully hilarious in others.  Go take a look at the full Vogue article.  Pictured in the topmost picture is Heidi Klum in her entry, and two talented seamstress/crafters.

2. Nothing’s New

Pages of the latest issue of Threads.
My stuff from many years ago, at that time sold by Sara’s Bloom company

I have inhabited the general sewing community so long that when brand new exciting stuff shows up in 2021, in print or online, it’s the exact same stuff I saw a decade ago. Case in point: this magazine feature on painted rayon lace. I bought my kit many years ago from a company called Sara’s Bloom and never used it even though it popped up in my thoughts occasionally – “oh yeah, I must do something with that”. Here’s a blog post about the company and the owner from 2008 – whatever happened to Sara’s Bloom?  Time flew and I’m now ready to use this kit. Thank you for nudging me, dear magazine people and the author of this article. I still want to know what happened to the Sara’s Bloom Company.

3. YouTube Inspiration

I’m now a YouTube rat.  Interesting things pop up in my feed, and I lap it up.  One recent channel features the cutest, folksy applique. A project like this is in my 2021 plans. Take a look at Handy Mum Lin‘s video – starts and ends with a kitty and a bit of garden inspiration before diving into the sewing, I am totally not throwing away tiny scraps.

4. Alexander Dumas article from MessyNessyChic

Not sure but this portrait is said to be from 1855?

Then some historically hidden things land in my social media feeds and blow me away. Just found out that French 19th century author Alexander Dumas (The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo) was Black – well, biracial in today’s vernacular – with a white French-nobleman father and mother from what is now known as Haiti. How many more Black historical figures are hidden from the world? Thank God for scholars of “deep history”.  The Dumas info landed in my email and twitter feeds from Messy Nessy Chic.  Subscribe to her free email newsletter, friends; she unearths the most amazing things.

5. What’s up With the Weird Garment Names?

Image from Who What Wear. It’s a “shacket”

Fashion people, what the hell is wrong with you?  Why rename perfectly standard clothing with stupid names? Is it going to kill you to say “shirt-jacket” instead of “shacket”?  This mis-naming of fashion items is just, just…. (insert profanity). The above image from Who What Wear. Please read nice things they’re saying about the “shacket”. It’s a chic style, but it has to be renamed…..

6. “Sewing for the Life I Lead Now”

I recently heard an haute-couture-sewing friend say “sew for the life you want to lead”.  This is in the same vein as “dress for the job you aspire to”.  Excellent ideas both.  I, however, must “sew for the life I have now”.  That should explain my interest in a full wardrobe of day-pajamas and night-pajamas – at least for another year or so.  Did you see my previous pj post?

Those are the thoughts and stuff for now. Stay safe, friends!


12 thoughts on “Trivial and Important Stuff in the Worlds of Sewing, Fashion, Literature.

  1. Loved this “mixed bag” of articles and musings. I thought the very same thing about the “shacket.” Can’t help but think that name won’t be around long.


  2. Loved this post, Samina! Even though you are now on hiatus, I just found this one I didn’t read before!

    Yes: was Dumas considered white OR bi-racial during his lifetime? Thankfully, he was published widely and well, but this essential interesting fact about his heritage was clearly overlooked/hidden, perhaps at the time for a positive reason (to make sure his work GOT PUBLISHED?), or possibly, French society was more accepting of Black and bi-racial people, even (or particularly?) in ‘noble’ society.

    But these days, it is important to know the history: it helps us understand society, change and that we are at a point in time on a continuum. I am biracial, btw, Anglo father / Chinese mother who came to the U.S. for grad school before Mao’s mid-century revolution.

    AND, down with SHACKET!!! Silly, silly, silly! That is just like all the coined, annoying influencer couple names of the last 10-15 years (Kimye, for example).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joan!! My uncle (Indian) and my aunt (Chinese) are both deceased now but she was our beloved aunt till the end. They met in Europe as students in the mid 1950s, got married and went to India; soon after, on to America. My cousin must be about the same age as you.

      Liked by 1 person

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