#VogueCouchCouture – a Challenge From Vogue Magazine

This was not the blog post I was supposed to upload today. However, as blogging goes, nothing was coming together – not the text nor the photos, and not even the actual sewing project. Because, the fabric was a beast, and I was internalizing those beastly qualities.  That post just did not work.  And then, this Vogue magazine article landed in my e-mail and I decided immediately that I will share it with you instead of that beastly fabric post.

This is Couture Week, and I fell over backwards when I saw this headline from Vogue: 

“Re-create Your Favorite Couture Looks at Home in Our New Challenge: #VogueCouchCouture”

Click on the headline link to read the article by Emily Farra.  I love that they’re encouraging readers to “craft” their copies of any couture look they fancy. I’m not loving that they’re associating “ambitious sewers” (like us) with loungewear looks; do they think that is all we sew? Actually, yes. In 2021 all I’m thinking of is loungewear and fancy pjs. Heheh.

The images in the Vogue article are from past seasons. In this post I’ll share a couple of images from the Schiaparelli line on the first day of Spring 2021 Couture — Monday, January 25, 2021.

If you can “unsee” the earrings, take a look at the wrist and the cuffs. Is this a stole, shawl or are they exaggerated sleeves?
Does this remind you of Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” ? The huge pink bow seems to be an ode to Marilyn, although Marilyn’s bow was on the side. The rest of the dress is total whimsical Schiaparelli.
…. and there she is! I think Marilyn’s gown was designed by Travilla in 1953

True to form, the designs are whimsical (an understatement). Elsa Schiaparelli was known in the 1930s for her surreal designs and her collaborations with Salvador Dali. This collection maintains that weird whimsy and can only be pulled off by celebrities like Rihanna or Lady Gaga.

To be honest, the three couture 2021 runways (Dior, Giambattista Valli and Schiaparelly) reported by Vogue were not really inspiring for me. Let’s see what tomorrow’s Couture Runway brings.

What are your thoughts? Are you up to it ins spite of the short submission timeline? There are so many sewing challenges out in the sewing community diaspora that it’s nothing new.  I like that Vogue magazine is into it.   I think we’ll be seeing a lot of paper and unconventional materials used for this challenge.    

Have fun catching up with the Spring 2021 Couture Runway all this week. You never know when inspiration will strike.


3 thoughts on “#VogueCouchCouture – a Challenge From Vogue Magazine

  1. There was a host of ‘recreate the painting’ images from the beginning of the pandemic, I’m thinking perhaps Vogue is just a little late to the game. Julie Eilber was suggesting one could recreate the Lady Gaga inaugural gown with fleece yardage from Joann’s. I’d be more inclined to use stuff from the recycling bin than treasures from the hoard.
    Frankly, I have thirty more minutes of sewing to finish a pair of much needed pants, and that state of affairs has lasted over a week. I don’t thing Vogue is going to jump the queue, but ya never know.
    I wonder if I can make anything from the leftover roofing materials…..


    1. Yeah, I think Vogue editors may be surreptitously (spelling?) hanging out with the online sewing community. As always, I love your witty comments! Thank you.


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