Sewing Your Entire Closet. The Nitty Gritty 2: Color Stories I’m “Reading”

Hi, all! If you read my last post, I touched upon sewing in capsules (i.e. each wardrobe piece coordinates with the other in a group of garments). I can almost see you rolling your eyes — not another boring lecture on capsules!  Not boring if you follow color combinations and “stories” in unexpected directions. So, here are two “color stories” that have taken my fancy.

Autumn capsule in earthy colors (and coral): 

Coral is the unexpected color, inspired by the printed jersey. All fabric from Sew Much Fabric, although the print may be out of stock.

Components of this group are entirely from my Sew Much Fabric stash and wardrobe (no affiliation except I’m a totally satisfied customer); which means when I pulled out the autumnal fabrics, there were two coordinating pairs of pants waiting in my closet. Yay!  First thing to do: make the printed jersey “waterfall” cardigan, currently a WIP.  If you can believe that I’m still running the air conditioner, you’ll know why I’m not rushing into sweaters, jackets and such.  Then, as it turned out I had bought just one yard of the solid, deep merlot rayon jersey. Maybe I could eke out a sleeveless “one-yard-wonder” with the solid?  Then there’s the dark brown ponte knit yardage which will become a pair of pants – wide-legged, if I can help it.    Wait, waaaiiit!  Isn’t coral a warm weather color? Maybe, if you like to be conventional, but once I examined the printed jersey with the infusion of coral on the printed motifs (which look like melting popsicles), the coral pants from the neon2020 capsule jumped over into this combination. And— the autumnal color capsule is as complete as I want it.

Autumn capsule in forest green, powder pink and pistachio green:

Color combination inspired by a magazine editorial 🙂

Unexpected!  I love this combo of colors inspired by the Fall 2020 runway by the house of Lanvin!

Forest green coat, powder pink shoes and pistachio green bag (looks almost white to me, but I’ll take pistachio)

InStyle magazine put together coordinating clothing items in their “Instant Style” section.  In this issue, they put together a page of suggestions for color combinations in the same outfit, as presented by three different design houses. Loooove it!

Lanvin colors on the far right.

I chose the combo by the House of Lanvin.  The hunter green, powder pink and pistachio green combinations started talking to me;  and I quickly did a wardrobe scan, pulled out the forest green ponte knit pants, pink bamboo-linen and pistachio green linen, both stash fabrics. (Amazingly, there is more forest green and powder pink items in my closet).  I’ll share the actual projects in this combination when I start to make them — putting some thought into it, right now. 

How about some more eye-candy and inspiration from the House of Lanvin?

All Lanvin images from

Hey readers, hope you’re staying healthy. Thank you for wearing a mask!


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