Neon2020 Wardrobe Capsule: Complete

Okay, friends, I am done with this “capsule” which started as Neon Spring 2020, morphed into Neon Spring/Summer 2020 and ended up as just Neon Capsule 2020.   My sewing speed and time is always over estimated.

I love this neon capsule!

The vase full of wooden tulips and the little pincushion has been placed there for “effect”. They don’t usually live there 🙂

The inspiration

Did I nail the general feel of the inspiration page (left)?

At the time it seemed so refreshing after 2019 winter doldrums; little did we know what 2020 had in store. It’s this magazine page that started my neon sprint — and I wanted to include all colors shown in it.  In real life, the capsule might need some toning down. Therefore, I made sure that there were “neutral” pieces in the closet to pair with this gaudy bunch; can a striped tee-shirt be considered a neutral? I think so. Not shown in the photo are black, white and khaki pants already in my closet, that may bring this capsule down to earth.  

But then, why mess with the neon-ness?

On the other hand, why try to tone it down? I can wear all these together without the neutrals. It’s 2020, the year that will live in infamy for changing the human condition.  So, here we are…

Lemon and lime
The coral pants have been neutralized by the striped tee; when the weather cools down to 5 degrees, I will add the coral jacket (see complete capsule above) to keep the neon-ness.

Just for fun 

Want some colorful vintage inspiration from the 60s (and going into 1970)? Remember Pucci?  If you want to see more of the same, go view the images I saved on my Pinterest board called Vintage Fashion and Sewing.

On the right, the orange segues into an autumn season. 🙂

Okay, just one more colorful image from Gucci’s 2020 collections. I’m getting carried away here…..

Gucci knows neon

The lesson in this post: adding intense color to one’s life is not so bad!

Until next time, be safe and happy. Pssst, are you following me on Instagram? Check out @saminakaty . Thank you for reading, my dear friends.


8 thoughts on “Neon2020 Wardrobe Capsule: Complete

  1. You are rocking the look, Samina! Everything looks fresh and lively and perfectly suits to counteract our challenging times. And, I actually had the lime green plaid skirt from Sears in high school although I didn’t have the button down blouse – I had a bright green poor boy sweater instead. Loved them!
    Going to give serious thought to making a pair of gauchos this winter, thanks to you . . .


    1. Thanks, Annie! OMG, you had that Sears skirt? I’m had so much fun digging into our not so distant past. Go for the gauchos, Annie! And palazzos, culottes and similar wide legged pants.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. To be honest Samina my first thought about “neon” was oh no! But your collection is very wearable, and looks fab on you. Well done for being so bold with your colours, and it’s so clever how they all work together.

    Liked by 2 people

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