The Monochromatic Angle: Cerulean

Fans of the movie The Devil Wears Prada probably have a certain scene etched in their minds, as I do. In that scene, (YouTube link to the scene) Miranda Priestly (the boss) berates Andie (the heroine) for referring to the color cerulean as just “blue”.   Well, you have to watch it to get the spirit, humor and gist of that moment. 

In this post I felt compelled to emulate the badass Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, in her wardrobe choice. She stands out, fashion wise, because she has embraced the monochromatic color scheme; wearing bright pantsuits with matching pant, jacket and shoes and sometimes a matching beaded necklace. These days she adds a matching mask.  And she totally pulls it off.   Would I write about wardrobe choices about a male speaker of the house? Of course not; because his wardrobe would be a boring navy or black — day in and day out. Because I choose to admire Speaker Pelosi’s attire, it doesn’t demean her work one iota.

This is a tear out from InStyle magazine

Lest you think I’m politically a partisan, I am. But in admiring fashion and clothes I am so utterly bipartisan! Did you see a 4 year old post where I copied First Lady Melania Trump’s (then-candidate’s wife) awesome sleeve detail? See it here.

So, here I am in a monochromatic cerulean outfit.  The pieces are not new, but this is the first time I found courage to put the pants and top together. Pants: Vogue1411; top: McCalls7470 (modified).

All dressed in cerulean. Not exactly matched but close

For your enjoyment, I’ve included another tear out of InStyle magazine through which I keep getting inspired.  

All kinds of cerulean stuff to be inspired by. The runway dress is a Carolina Herrera.

This post is a shorty, my friends! Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. A couple of big storms/hurricanes are likely to hit the Gulf Coast and my anxiety level is a bit elevated in anticipation.


22 thoughts on “The Monochromatic Angle: Cerulean

  1. I think you look great in that color Samina, it looks good on you! I also like the way the sweater set in the photo is matched with green boots; I think people get too hung up on not mixing colors, or only mixing certain ones. That sweater set has some interesting ribbing as well – I like the way it turns into godets at the bottom of the skirt. And the prairie points up top are fun too – you always share the best stuff! Have a great week!


  2. I absolutely love the color your slacks. They look so summery and great for your Texas heat. I hope you will stay dray and safe during the upcoming storms.


  3. I love your tonal cerulean, Samina! And the “hint” of a smile in your second photo!

    Party affiliation aside, Senator Pelosi cares about her appearance and has created a “look” for herself that simplifies dressing decisions, is consistent in message but still varies a bit so that it isn’t boring, and works; her clothing flatters her while still projecting power and achievement.

    I hope Hurricane Laura mostly misses the Gulf Coast!!! Stay safe!


    1. Thank you, Joan! Hurricane Laura is definitely hitting the Gulf Coast — I live about 50 miles in from the coast but expecting lots of rain and wind. Who knows about power loss and all that.

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  4. Hi Samina,
    What fabric did you use for your slacks? Did you widen the lower portion of the pant leg or just use the wider version shown on the pattern?


    1. Cathy, the slacks are a stretch cotton; I bought the fabric from SewMuchFabric . The pattern includes a narrow leg version, which I used for this pant.


    2. I should have mentioned that it’s a stretch cotton sateen — so it has a nice substantial, smooth surface. Feels really good when I’m wearing it.


  5. 1. I love Nancy. She is a true patriot.
    2. This outfit you made is amazing.
    3. Thank you for inspiring me to try some monochromatic looks. So chic!
    4. Happy sewing and thanks for sharing!
    5. Are you ready to vote? 🙂

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