My Neon 2020 Sewing Plan in Progress

This plan used to be My Neon Spring 2020; lets drop the word “Spring” from it; the spring of 2020 has been the cruelest season. Yeesh…

outfit neon plan4
Here’s me in the first outfit from the Neon 2020 plan, with stay-home-order hair-roots and brows. But my shoes are beaded, y’all. 

Neon colors are nice. If you’re afraid of them, might I suggest that you let them grow on you slowly? Notice how the bright coral pants are tempered with the black/white striped tunic? It’s high time I gave neon bright colors a chance. I’m entering my golden years, and if not now, when?

Which piece do you think I’ll sew next? 

Since a graphic is worth a thousand (or 750) words, I spent my writing time to create this graphic depicting the Neon 2020 sewing plan.  The center circle depicts the inspiration picture and the stack of stash fabric plus newly purchased pieces to round out the palette. The khaki, white and blue pants on the lower left were sewn during the past couple of years, and they fit in nicely into the plan – is there a need to sew each piece in the seasonal wardrobe plan? No, of course not.

The newly sewn outfit in the Neon 2020 plan is pictured on me, and both materials are from Sew Much Fabric.  I wore my new favorites outside to drag the trash bins to the curb. Such is our stay-home Covid-19 era life.  That’s okay! I’d rather like all of us to be healthy. Just for fun, here’s a close-up selfie of me wearing the sequin-braid top, visited in detail in the previous post. selfie

Be safe, my friends.


5 thoughts on “My Neon 2020 Sewing Plan in Progress

  1. I love your coral pants, Samina! Very pretty color and a nice change from standards like red. Goes nicely with your striped “glam” T. The flared sleeve of your T is elegant with your trapeze-shaped T, as well!


  2. Like the pants and the roots! I’m doing a book challenge ( you will be tagged soon) There is a book i vaguely remember but can’t nail down title or author. Does any of this ring any bells: A/ female writer now deceased B/ read it in 90’s C/ she was Greek or middle eastern i think. Not american or european or asian D/ title (or message i got) child unborn I googled as many variations and book lists as i could imagine. Thx Sent from my iPhone



    1. Thank you! The roots will have to grow on me — literally and figuratively. About your book info, nothing comes to mind right now.


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