Pre-made Collection of Elastic Waistbands. NOWEK (No One Will Ever Know) Idea.

Hi friends! This is going to be a quick tip, or trick or whatever you want to call it.  I call it a NOWEK (see title) idea.  It can be in the sustainability category, a quick sew category, or both.  Go here for another NOWEK idea  …..

Here goes:  While making a pair of loosey goosey silk velvet pants, I reached the second last step of making the elastic waistband casing.  By that point I was through dealing with the ultra slippery fabric.  But wait! I found a  complete red linen waistband with sport elastic that was thrown into my elastic bin and I considered just adding it to the pants! Who’s going to see? No one!


One day, I will post a picture of me in the outfit. It’s already been worn twice to separate events. 

Filing away this idea:  what if I took time to make an assortment of waistbands to fit my waist in assorted scraps, then pull them out to be used on any future loosey goosey pajama style pants. Hmmm? Sustainable idea much? Or lazy seamstress hack? Do you think it’s a “waist” of my time to sew up several elasticized separate waistbands to fit me and then use them as I see fit? “Waist” of time …. lol. Get it?

Beginnings of a pre-made elastic waistband collection 

Remember that this is not a folded-casing-and-insert-elastic item. I will make my waistband collection with sport elastic, like the red one, and whatever fabric scraps are on hand.  Plus, your pants will have a waist seam where the pant meets the waistband, unlike the foldover casing method. If you prefer the casing method, thank you for reading this anyway :).  But I will definitely start to create my WB collection….

Sew up a storm and stay warm (or cool, depending which climate zone you’re in). See you next time!


PS: this has to be the shortest post in SewEveryThingBlog history.

5 thoughts on “Pre-made Collection of Elastic Waistbands. NOWEK (No One Will Ever Know) Idea.

  1. I wouldn’t make a bunch of them, because you will curse yourself and not have any appropriate projects forever and ever. But a couple, well, why the heck not?
    I cannot sew through elastic and have it work. (waves hands in air). It’s just not meant to be for me. but for you, well yeah!

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    1. I see your point 🙂 — but that is my point. Since I am planning to make and wear loose, wide legged pallazzo-like pants more in the coming months it might just be worth it for me to have a “collection”. We’ll see how it works out. About the sew-through elastic (sport elastic), I love it! Once I got the hang of it, it worked for me everytime. I see some blog fodder there….


  2. That is GENIUS! I make a lot of sweat pant type pants for my 6 boys who have Down Syndrome. (ages 12-24) I can whip up those pants faster than fast! I make 5 pair each at a time. (one son wears a scoliosis brace that shreds his pants :o( When sewing the pants its so easy to whip through the seams. But sometimes they sit a week waiting for me to thread elastic in the waist bands- boring! I could make these waist bands inbetween pants making and sew them onto the pants easy peasy! Their shirts hang over their pants, no one would see. And I’d match the colors. Thanks for the idea!


    1. The pants are Kwik Sew 3553 — yes, they’re pajama sets. 🙂 The top is an old wardrobe Vogue pattern from the 1990s — I used the shift dress version which was sleeveless, and I added my own drafted sleeves.


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