2020 SEWING VISION: Just Keep Sewing, but Sustainably

My sewing vision for year 2020 is simple:  just keep sewing.

  • Keep going with the exclusively self-made wardrobe, and rein in urges to sew what doesn’t suit me. That was one of the perks of this past decade of being a maker; I was forced to take a good look and make stuff that was suitable for me and nothing else. Not counting the unselfish sewing, of course.
  • Make clothes last: Launder less. Plus, dryers can take a toll.  When things are not completely dry, I do not throw them back in the dryer like I used to.  I’m re-connecting with the drying rack.
  • Repair and refashion to give new life to old things, even my self-sewn items. Couture-ize fast fashion items if you love that Old Navy top that’s fraying – this is Sarah Mirza’s top and it will be in her wardrobe rotation a bit longer.

Before (left): not obvious in the picture, but it was a case of the front facing peeking out at the V.  After (right): all it took was fusible strips and some topstitching to keep it in it’s place.

Before (left):  The armhole bias-strip facing was fraying (marked by pins) . After (right):  Bias bind the entire armhole over the old finish. Nothing to undo or remove here.  

  • My fabric stash will always get replenished and I’m still in the market for good fabric. Sew Much Fabric has been my source for some good fabric and wil continue to be – no business affiliation for this mention.
  • I’m looking to refashion my ornate saris and other dressy, blingy ethnic clothes.  I’ve discovered an Indian designer’s YouTube channel where the focus is on sustainable design.  Mind you, this is not sewing instruction and she speaks in a combined version of English and Hindi; the video shares design ideas, and encouragement for Indian and Pakistani women to repurpose their saris, even their ultra-ornate wedding saris.  I’m eyeing my old, rarely worn ethnic clothing with a new lens.
  • Interesting trivia:  A substantial corner of my closet is currently housing bridal outfits of three generations! My mother’s (1948), my own (1973) and my daughter’s (2015).  Yikes.

Besides all of the above, 2020 is looking to be a very busy year, sewing-wise.

Sustainable seamstress train, wait for me….


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