Serendipity: 1933 Wedding Gown & Its Rare Pattern

I’m always excited when there is verifiable, solid information about how ordinary people in the past lived, dressed and went about their business. For instance, what happened in their lives during milestone events such as weddings – specifically, the making of the wedding dress. I am fascinated by this post from Witness2Fashion, and that is why I am re-blogging it here with permission. Read and enjoy! Samina


Left, Butterick Starred Pattern 5299, a copy of the wedding dress worn by actress Helen Twelvetrees in Disgraced; right, a vintage wedding dress made from this pattern.

Some time ago I wrote about Butterick Starred Patterns. As far as I know, only twelve Starred Patterns were issued; they were exact copies of movie costumes by top film designers. Left, still photos from a Bette Davis movie; lower right, two Butterick “Starred” sewing patterns that are exact copies of her costumes. Delineator, 1933. Star Helen Twelvetrees modeled a wedding gown designed by Travis Banton in this Paramount movie. Delineator, 1933.

Wonderful Liza D at Better Dresses Vintage recently acquired a vintage wedding gown …

Vintage wedding gown discovered by Liza D, photographed on a very tall mannequin.

…along with the Butterick pattern used to make it.

Butterick Starred Pattern 5299, from 1933. Someone wrote “Dots Wedding Dress”…

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4 thoughts on “Serendipity: 1933 Wedding Gown & Its Rare Pattern

  1. Hi readers! This post was re-blogged from witness2fashion — with permission. My own words which I thought were going to be an intro to the re-blog, turned up as a comment there. WordPress?? Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the post and follow witness2fashion – I love their posts.

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  2. FASCINATING!! My mom and dad were born in 1933. I often think about what my Grandmothers wore then. One was quite vain/thin and one was like me plump. :o) Everything from that period looks so fitted.I wonder what my plump Grandma wore? (never slacks, altho the thin Grandma did) Both Grandmothers sewed, I have about 10 patterns from the late 60s my thin Grandma had when she died. Nothing stylish (think Hilary pant suit- LOL!) but my Grandma kept them and she was not one to keep any clutter or fabric unless it was to make the outfit soon. Thrifty habits die hard!
    I’m going to enjoy this blog link! Thank You!

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