Sartorial Whimsy….  

Yeah, I know; long words in the title is a thing with me.

Friends, I love a bit of whimsy in my daily wear and not so daily wear. As someone said, what’s the point of fashion if you can’t have fun with it?  Well, I can think of a counterpoint to this, but I’ll let it go for now.

This season, some fashion designers have taken the “fun” bit to levels that can only be for a runway show, and not for actual fashion consumption.   However, there are some items that might be worth indulging my odd love for whimsical prints and details.

Vionnet, Resort 2019

(images from Vogue Runway)

It’s the print!  Vionnet, Resort 2019
The print……       Vionnet, Resort 2019

It’s a bouncing tennis ball print!  From the fashion house of Vionnet, no less.  The silhouette is somewhat plain which is balancing out the whimsical nature of the print.  The jumpsuit is giving a pajama-in-public vibe but on point for the resort season.  Would I wear it as shown? No, because I don’t do jumpsuits (or dresses either), while admiring people who can pull it off.  If I could get a hold of this fabric though, I would make my go-to cowl necked, slightly flared top. Or, I could make an actual pajama set.  There are other interesting things by the designers at Vionnet – go take a look on the Vogue Runway site.

Viktor & Rolf, Fall 2018

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway 



On the extreme side of fashion whimsy for their Fall 2018 Couture collection, design duo Viktor & Rolf have taken the cake (and eaten it too).  I know that the couture is where designers take a lot of liberties but …. what’s up with the “bed dress”? More importantly, I would love have a talk with the stylists – only to ask how the pillows were anchored so the model could walk. Obviously, the model is pulling off the look to perfection….     & Rolf, the “No” dress which is playing with whimsy and sending a message at the same time.

Maybe we ought to play a game of “caption this”.  Think of appropriate captions for the “bed dress” and post in the comment section.  Go.


Footnote:  this bit of pocket whimsy is completely do-able; and I can’t stop looking at it. Did you catch the pocket post (previous) that goes with this image? Picture courtesy of Museum at FIT, New York.

Pocket purse on Pinterest. Museum at FIT
Design with just the right amount of whimsy and practicality.  

6 thoughts on “Sartorial Whimsy….  

    1. LOL! Good one, Marthe! To use the high heels reference, I would caption is “I always wear heels in bed” … or something like that. 😀


  1. Comforter Ballgown: the Snuggie for the fashion trendsetter – pillows not included.
    Re the No dress – aren’t tee shirts a better medium for written messages, and where is the yes dress for happier occasions?
    Not a fan of the unwearable designs.


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