Little Black Dress Sees Light of Day

Hi readers! Its been five years since I uploaded the first sewing post on this blog. For you, who’ve been reading my words since the beginning, and those who’ve just begun to follow this blog, THANK YOU! I am honored, and I hope you’ve found my posts entertaining, educational and thoughtful (yes, sewing posts can be thoughtful).
There’s only one thing to do now: just keep sewing! (Said in Dory’s voice)

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Completed dress pictured against the backyard ruins Completed dress pictured against the backyard ruins

Yup, in 2013 I am bringing out my unfinished projects.This item broke the PSP (pending sewing project) aka UFO record of all time. The LBD (little black dress) now achieves completion on my personal blog right here and now.

Stashed away carefully many, many years ago, these parts were unearthed from my daughter’s closet (it had begun as a prom dress):

Le dress, underlined with black silk organza up to the hip area, darts sewn, invisible zipper installed, seamed together on sides, no sleeves, crinoline pinned inside at the waist level to give it a “bouffant” look. Below, the dress is shown inside out with the crinoline removed.

Organza underlining

Lining, also darted and seamed, with no sleeves.


Sleeves in fashion fabric were stitched and ready to be attached to the dress. No lining fabric available for sleeves.


The original paper pattern had disappeared, but…

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3 thoughts on “Little Black Dress Sees Light of Day

    1. Hi Helen! This is actually a re-post from 2013. The dress was finished that year. The original pattern is lost and it didn’t matter because I went about changing it anyway. Someday, I’ll post a line drawing of this dress. It has been worn just once by my daughter since 2013. All that work and she wears it once…..


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