Merry Christmas, Errrybody!

Merry Christmas, everybody!!  I’m sending good wishes for a happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season. I hope Santa brought you exactly what your heart desired.

So, what do non-Christians do on Christmas? Anything our collective mind wants to.  Some of us join in with a full blown Christmas celebration; others chill out gratefully for the holiday, and watch the festivities from our cozy corners. Still others do it differently each year. This year, I chose cookie-baking, attending a party (made it to just one), sending gifts overseas, and then indulging in my great tradition of mentally planning a full celebration for Christmas 2018! The plan:  tree, garlands, lights, gingerbread-house-making, and all the other merry accoutrements. Sewing for Christmas? That too.  Oh, and mustn’t forget to remember the birthday guy……..

Since this is a “making” blog, I’ll share some of the Christmas 2017 cookies with you. Chocolate swirls, and butter cookies with green sugar topping. If you look carefully at the glass dish in the back, these are what I call the “outtakes” of my cookie making this year. They are my attempt at decorating with store bought icing tubes – never again.


No, I did not make the ornament. My friend Betty Watt gifted me with the cute little felt bird a few years ago. I’ll treasure it always.


However, I did make this ball ornament; it’s Styrofoam covered artfully with folded fabric. I have forgotten the how and where.


Additionally, I made some picturesque, and delicious, candy cane cookies but gave them away before snapping a photo. This photo is from a past Christmas holiday.


So, my dear readers, I’ve been a tad neglectful about blogging lately. I’m planning this very minute on ways to prevent that. The Sew Everything Blog shall remain a weekly blog in 2018 and onward.

See you next time!



5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Errrybody!

  1. We are New Testament Christians, (Church of Christ) We do not celebrate Christmas once a year. We celebrate every day! Some do choose to celebrate Christmas. But in the Church of the New Testament they did not. :o)
    I don’t bake just because I don’t bake- LOL! We eat a paleo style diet. But at this time of year I surely love to indulge on all the goodies! Your cookies look delicious!


  2. I baked some star and candy cane shaped cookies just like yours but with red sugar. Also bells with chocolate sprinkles, and angels with cinnamon sugar. I need to make those chocolate swirl cookies! They look so fantastic! Maybe next year.
    I did do a wee bit of Christmas sewing. Happy New Year!


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