The Fabridon© : Not a Stuffed Toy

Is it a plane? A bird passing through on it’s way back to the amazon rainforest ? Why, it’s the Fabridon!!

Hello friends!  A deep dive into the sewing stash unearthed a kit for making this quirky bird.


I haven’t made stuffed animals or birds in decades. But the Fabridon is more an art piece than a stuffed toy, and the name says it all:  The “Fabridon” , “Fabric Art-in-a-Bag”.  The kit was sold by a company with the melodious name of Hawthorn Needles and Butterfly Wings, and I ended up purchasing it at a sewing show or conference many years ago.  It has the look of a colorful bird from the amazon rainforests.  I tried to locate the company online but apparently they are closed. If you really want to buy this kit, I found some on eBay.

Kit components: fabrics, buttons, interfacing, wires, patterns and instructions

Anyhow, I made the bird quickly (it’s a quick project) and it’s here for you to enjoy.  I had fun!! It was a change of pace from garment sewing –  like a palate cleanser which refreshed my sewing chops.

Components made, and ready to go together.


Below:  Done! Sewn, stuffed and glued; and perched on the kitchen counter.


The Fabridon is an art object, but I’m at a loss for where to put it. Some options are listed below, but feel free to chime in with your ideas.

  • An untraditional Thanksgiving table decoration!  This is my daughter’s idea, because at first she thought it was a stuffed fabric turkey.  Hmmph.
  • Use it as a pinchusion?  I’m a proponent of form and function.
  • Nestle it in among housplants to emulate it’s natural habitat?


I may do a stash dive again soon, my friends! Meanwhile, the Fabridon is popping up everywhere …..

In the mint pot…..
Among leaves of Fall…
On the patio…..

Have a great autumn!


9 thoughts on “The Fabridon© : Not a Stuffed Toy

    1. Maria, I remember that we bought it at the same time! I don’t remember which show it was – maybe quilt festival. Get your kit out and make it! It’s cuter than the picture.


  1. Thank you all for adding your comment. The Fabridon is cuter in person than the picture. We’ve decided that it will grace the Thanksgiving table — so it’s traveling to California in my suitcase.

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