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Hi fashion sewers!


Are you a member of the American Sewing Guild? My article was recently published in the summer 2017 issue of Notions, a publication of the organization. It’s a benefit for members only.  The theme of the article visits busting out your scraps for creating real, wearable fashion (no unwearable fashion, please).   In the article I list some processes I recommend for making such a garment, plus inspiration from the fashion industry. Thanks to the Notions team (editor Anne Marie Soto who reached out to me, artist Claudia Lynch and publisher Betty Watts) for making my words look good.

Well, here I am, actually wearing my project (you saw this in last week’s post). Below it is the inspiration image of a silk dress by Coach1941, courtesy of In Style magazine, priced at $795.   Ok, so my tunic is rayon and polyester, and I am not wearing the black choker. Did I capture the essence of the Coach1941 piece?


Coach 1941 InStyle image

Coach1941 Knock off back
Back view

This is a very short post, while I am actually sewing another wearable thing . This time I’m busting my fabric stash, not scraps.  The reveal is forthcoming as soon as it’s done.

On my sewing table

Have a safe, happy summer! Sew your heart out….



15 thoughts on “Published in “Notions”

  1. I’m a proud member of the Maryland Chapter of ASG. Yes, yes I did read your wonderful article. So glad you posted a better pic of the top though. Very interesting how it all came together. Kudos!


    1. Faye, I am always learning; it’s amazing how much sewing knowledge reveals itself when one has been sewing a long time.


  2. Samina, I love, love, love this article – it is causing me to dream and look at my fabrics in so many different ways. I am on it and designing will show you the results!!! Great idea! Thank you so much for the inspiration.


  3. Another ASG member here! Your article was very timely. I have a bag of various sizes of scraps and was ready to toss them all into the bin. Now I feel like there is hope of some of them being useful. Love seeing your creativity 🙂


    1. Hi, Janine! Go ahead. Bust those scraps! I find that just giving them a second look sparks creativity. We seamstresses are so attached to our scraps, aren’t we?

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  4. The patchwork look reminds me of 1970s fashion. It’s interesting to experiment. When I think of scraps I think of quilts not clothes, so I’ll have to think about this idea for awhile. I can imagine a tiered skirt with different fabrics, but that is more conventional than what you made,
    Congratulations on your article and your creative version of the inspiration dress!


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