Mini SWAP. Part 2: Vogue 1411 Bahamanian Blue Pants

So the SWAP continues with make #2.  This is my favorite pants pattern since 2014, and I have written about it before. This will be the seventh time I use this pattern, and the 2nd time I use a stretch woven rather than a ponte or double knit (recommended).  There are a few previous posts about Vogue1411 pants. You can type in Vogue 1411 in the search box to pull up previous versions of the pant.


To recap quickly, the making of the “bahamanian blue” pants started with:

  • Using the “Front Guide” piece that comes with the pattern, the purpose of which is to make a trial pair without piecing the pieces of the main design. I used the guide piece to make the pants. So, there are no design seams on the front.
  • Leaving the back leg design seam (the diagonal seam. Sorry, no picture but you can see the line drawing) in, which is a fantastic opportunity for a good fit on the back. I took it in for a closer fit.
  • Cutting out a size larger on the sides;  vertically, I added 3” to the length at the waist – just in case. The waist can always be  lowered.
  • Tapering down the side and inseam below the knee to narrow the legs. I see in the photos that I could have narrowed above the knee too. A picture is worth a thousand try-ons…..
  • Remember the extra 3 inches I cut out above the waist? Well, those extra inches served as a spanx-like feature. So I have a high waisted pant which keeps me somewhat “together”.
  • To mark the back waist (elasticized)  for ease in wearing, I sewed in this little ribbon. 🙂 Hidden things like this make me smile.
Fabric source: Sew Much Fabric

I like how my Bahamanian Blue pants turned out, but I needed an adjustment at the hem;  I think they would look better at ankle length.   I’m wearing them here with the SWAP’s first make, the DKNY dress/tunic, pre-hem adjustment.

Meh. Definitely need a hem hike.
Much better but need better photography skills.

Now I need your input for the dress:

  1. Should I taper the dress at the sides below the hip? I believe it’s meant to be closer fitting in the lower half.
  2. Should the dress be worn with plain, black closely fitted leggings?
  3. Should I raise the hem and turn it into a mid-thigh tunic?

Whatever I do, I’ll post the results along with the third and final piece of the swap, the Prudence blouse.

See you then, and don’t forget to add your input in the comment section!




5 thoughts on “Mini SWAP. Part 2: Vogue 1411 Bahamanian Blue Pants

  1. Samina, I think the top should be made shorter, more tunic like. And I think the idea of the dress to be a bit closer fitting would be good. Love the colour of the pants, I might need a pair in the same colour!

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  2. The Tunic definitely need to be more fitted……the geometric pattern probably makes it look very full. If you like the current length, I think it would look better with black leggings. But I agree that if you shorten the tunic, it will be more versatile and go with much more.

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