Sewn Wardrobe Math and New Year

2016, BEGONE!  I am thrilled to welcome the year 2017.

Here’s a reflective look back at my sewing activity, only to clarify how to move ahead. This may be an eye-roll moment, but indulge me.


I sewed consistently in 2016, and my wardrobe is now populated with self-made clothing. But I sewed wardrobe items I fancied at that moment, without a plan. There’s an imbalance between tops and pants (I don’t wear dresses). I even sewed unselfishly three times this year.

After using up stash fabric in most, not all, of the wardrobe and non-fashion items, I still don’t see an obvious dent in the stash.  I want to quantify the progress so it seems more organized. How? A spreadsheet? Another eye roll moment but OCD stashers will understand.  For now let’s break it down below.

What I made in 2016:

Jackets & wraps (third piece worn over other clothing): 6

Tunics, Tshirts, tops: 8 (2 unselfish)

Slips: 2

Bottoms (pants, pajama pants): 4

Dress: 1 (unselfish). Used 2 fabrics in one dress (1 newly purchased, 1 stash item).

Accessories: 4

Home decor: 3

Total: 28 items.

Average: 1 item completed every 2 weeks or so.  This is not a lot! Other sewers have sewn much more than I.  Like Jilly.   How does she do it?

Further breakdown:

New fabric purchased in 2016: 9 pieces. Sewed up 8 as of today. Ok, then.

Refashions: 3

Net de-stashed:  17 pieces.   (remember the dress used 1 piece from stash and the other piece newly purchased). Now the math is getting a little out of hand……..

To conclude, 17 stash items in a large “collection” is not enough to make a dent it seems, but it’s more than I’ve done in years.  I’m counting that as success. The de-stash journey continues.

What I need to do in 2017:

  • Sew. With. A. Plan. Some people use the acronym SWAP.
  • Begin each SWAP with stash fabric.
  • Make more ethnic clothing. Remember the kurta posts? Type “kurta” in the search box and hit enter to pull up all my previous posts.   I want to make more versions of the kurta suitable for me rather than my late mother. I’ll be sleekifying the kurta….
  • Sew faster. I mentioned in last year’s post that in 2016 I’ll try to do a daily sewing project for and then share it on the blog – daily, for one week. Throughout the year, I found that I am not a daily project person.  But… it’s still on my “just do it” list.
  • Buy patterns mindfully.
  • Begin drafting my own patterns.
  • Finally – finally, sew a maxi.

Made any sewing plans for 2017? Do share!

Happy New Year, dear Readers! Thank you for reading, because these words are nothing without anyone to read them. I love you all.  




17 thoughts on “Sewn Wardrobe Math and New Year

    1. Oh, Janith, that looks like a great planning notebook. I might just give myself a new year gift; maybe 2 notebooks since one might not be enough for my stash. 🙂

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  1. Samina, what a bountiful year you have had; sewing so many wonderful pieces, using/reusing what you already own, sharing your knowledge with your blog followers and making things for those you love! All the complete opposite of the word selfish and all that it implies. Brava!
    My New Year resolution is to be more productive in my creative outlets and to actually get back to my love of sewing and make that Marcy Tilton coat that sits waiting on my work table . . .
    More later, friend, and have a beautiful 2017!


    1. Thanks for the compliments, Annie! I keep wondering what 2017 will hold for all of us. As always, we must keep creating good stuff. Will wait eagerly for that Marcy coat. I have a Marcy Tilton coat/cardi also set aside to be made; all materials have been gathered together for about a year now. Hah.


  2. Happy day before New Year’s Eve Sew Sister! You sewed up 8 of the 9 new fabrics you purchased this year – what an accomplishment! I don’t know how many pieces I purchased this year, what fabrics they were nor exactly where they are at the moment. Just being truthful here. It was wonderful reconnecting with you this year (years after you helped me with that cowl neckline)! I’ve enjoyed you on Persicope and That Sewing Blab so much. Here’s to a wonderful sewing year to the both of us!

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    1. Thank you, Faye! May I return the sentiment :). Loved seeing you on social media platforms which was pretty unheard of a few years ago. Love technology. One day I hope to meet you in person.
      By the way, I just cut out that 9th piece of fabric.


  3. Samina, you’ve sewn quite a lot! And been very disciplined about not buying more fabric (unless you have a plan for it). I’m impressed with the amount of jackets you’ve made and the variety of fabrics you’ve used – from knits, silk, and even fur. I would like to see you sew that maxi.

    I want to keep track of my sewing related purchases because I know I’m spending more than I realize. I want to work on a full size quilt to use up some of my fat quarters. Probably more summer clothes.


    1. Definitely a maxi. Not sure how it’ll look on me, but I’ll give it a shot.
      Looking forward to to see how you do the full size quilt. Go, Lisa!!


  4. Samina,
    I need your motivation & talent. I’m glad to see 2016 behind me & have great hopes for the year ahead. Sewing needs to get back to the top of my agenda. I will start the year with an ASG garment group meeting for more inspiration. I have a skirt pattern in mind. Dresses don’t seem to work well on my body like they once did. So jackets, skirts & pants are my go to pieces.

    I look forward to seeing your version of a Kurta.

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    1. Marcia, great to see you post comments here again! I’m excited to be making a kurta or two for myself. Happy New Year, my friend.


  5. I can’t plan wardrobes. I can plan one big project for the year, but the rest of it is so on-demand, my weight is fluctuating, and hopefully I’m picking up some more nonsewing work this month, so I’ll just make sure I don’t go naked.

    I do have a list of to-do’s for others – a whole stack of patterns and fabrics and the swatch list to match them up for my son. A pile of mending for my sister (and how did that happen?) and other family. And a dress to finish for my niece. Doesn’t my sister sew? Apparently not.

    My goal is to finish the rain coat pattern I’ve been poking at for the last year. It’s theoretically sound.

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    1. A raincoat! I’m looking forward to seeing that.
      Since I stopped buying RTW in 2010, my fear has been getting left with a tattered wardrobe. Well, I’ve come through on the other side. That fear of the proverbial “nakedness” egged me on to sew up my own clothing. But I did stick to the no-buy and use-stash resolution I made 7 years ago. Happy about that.
      Hope you have a wonderful year!


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