Ruffly #Ribbon Rose. Quick Holiday Gift

Hi Readers!


Who doesn’t like to receive flowers, especially if it’s a single ribbon rose?  Just looking at it gives me warm fuzzies. This ribbon rose is a quick-to-make gift idea to add to your holiday crafting repertoire.  I used instructions which came with a kit, very happy that I did not discard the packet after making the original.


The exact instructions belong to the creator of the kit, so I cannot add them to this post.  But they are easily available in ribbon craft books and online sources. This rose uses a wire edged ribbon, which is scrunched, gathered and sewn in a spiral fashion to a piece of buckram. Do you notice the stamens in the center? That’s the starting point.  The leaf is the quickest part of this project.

Work in progress
The instructions for the back were lost so I winged it with a combination of glue and sewing. Messy, but it works.

If you like this project, I recommend that you own this eye-candy of a book – The Artful Ribbon by Candace Kling.  The author is a ribbon artist extraordinaire with works in permanent collections in Museums around the country. In this book, she takes inspiration from vintage ribbon flowers and bases her own ribbon art on it.


A few pages from The Artful Ribbon

There are folded ribbon versions of the rose, which are just as beautiful! Do try this. It seems like a great gift for that girl who has everything. Right?

Enjoy this holiday month!


7 thoughts on “Ruffly #Ribbon Rose. Quick Holiday Gift

  1. I have several ribbon books – the flowers are amazing out of wired ribbon! I might need to dig up and make one or two for little holiday gifts!


    1. Hi Lynn! I used to have more ribbon books but gave away the ones by Camila Nitzschke and by Helen Gibb. How silly of me. That is why we sewers and crafters hoard stuff. You never know when you need them. Thankfully, I did not give away Candace Kling’s book and one by the Taunton Press.
      Please do make ribbon flowers and share!


  2. That’s a lovely thing you’ve made there!

    Somewhere there’s a book I’ve read and lost about how you make those pleated and folded ribbon structures that live on French bravery medals and such. A medal to the one who can help me identify this (hardback, color, late 90s?)(maybe I dreamed it?)

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    1. Is it a “cockade” or similar item you’re referring to? I have a soft cover, thin little book which is a reprint of a 1920s ribbonwork publication. It has the pleated ribbon structures and such.


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