Everything Changes. #Sewing is Forever.

I’m going to miss First Lady Michelle Obama immensely for her grace, beauty, loving -momma demeanor toward all Americans. I will equally miss her chic and impeccable sartorial choices. Here’s an image of her wearing Haute Couture Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy.   I immediately want to knock off that cape! Thank you, Mrs. O.

Image from Vogue.com

I started a post before the 2016 Presidential elections, hoping that my preferred candidate, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, would win the Oval Office and I would have an inspired project to upload here. The post was going to feature a fabric that reminded me of a shattered surface (ceiling). Some would call the print a prism, the fabric seller called it “fractured light”, but I’ll take “shattered”.   It was not to be.  The said fabric from Sew Much Fabric, is an Italian rayon matte jersey – and it remained unsewn. The pattern to be used was a toss-up between, Vogue 1496 and Vogue 1179 by DKNY  which I’ve been hoarding for 6 years and is no longer available. The DKNY is winning right now, and I am preparing the fabric today.  It shall be sewn.




This election cycle, I also took some sartorial inspiration from the then candidate’s wife who is now first-lady-in-waiting, pictured on the right; you can read about it in this post where you’ll read the name of the other beautiful lady on the left.   I disagree with Melania Trump’s husband, but I have nothing but good wishes for her.



Like the rest of America I’ve gone back to my daily life, after being gobsmacked over and over, throughout the 2016 election cycle. It’ll take time to gain some equilibrium.

Everything changes. Sewing is forever.

Happy Thanksgiving, Readers!

love, Samina

8 thoughts on “Everything Changes. #Sewing is Forever.

  1. Excellent post Samina!!!!!! I too will miss Mrs. Obama!!!! Her style will live on like Jackie O!!!!! I will also miss those gorgeous girls, and I so proud to have seen them grow up in the White House. God has got our backs, my faith is Him not man or woman!!!!!


  2. Wow. I think I’ve almost made 1179 about a billion times, but it’s still in mint condition at my house. There’s another from that year, in that same color, that has many of the same issues/flaws/fun things about it. Also folded shut. I will make it, probably after seeing yours. But right now I needs sleeves that go into coats.
    (which is a real deal killer for me these days)
    I don’t know that I will ever have a president and first lady as well spoken, gracious and kind as the Obamas. I don’t know that we ever did. You really could not ask for better people. It spoke well of us that we voted him in twice.
    I’ll leave it there. Sewing will fix my heart. It always does.


    1. Lets have a sew-off with 1179. I, also, pulled out that pattern on many occasions only to put it back again, for reasons that I can’t even remember.


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