McCall’s 6992. The Athleisure Look for Travel

….and can you spot the hidden feature I added?

No one “dresses up” for travel anymore but we want to look somewhat chic and be comfortable in a plane or train full of strangers, and buses and automobiles. The Athleisure concept works beautifully for modern travel, I think.


I want to share my efforts at joining the Athleisure sartorial club.  According to the Merriam-Webster website, the word was first used in 1976 but it designates 2014 as “the year of Athleisure”.  It is athletic wear designed to look good for active sports as well as other everyday activity.   Let’s draw some lines here, though; the sweatsuit of the 1980s was never my cup of tea, but was worn wonderfully by active and inactive people.  The sports bra worn around town in non-athletic activities is also not my concept of Athleisure.


Image courtesy of McCall’s Patterns

The pattern: McCalls pattern 6992 has other options but I was attracted to View E – with the lace overlay. Also, I had lace in my stash, plus all the other accroutrements needed. I loved the contrast sleeves and neckband/cuff contrast.

Fabric options: Overall, this pattern uses four different fabrics. But the knit fabric I pulled out from the stash for the sleeves and another for cuffs/neckband had a different feel and stretch than the body. So the entire piece is made in the same light grey lightweight knit plus the black lace.  My lace did not have a scalloped border, so I had the option of either leaving the hem of the overlay raw, or hemming it or applying a binding. I chose a foldover elastic treatment and it worked. Except I applied a hot iron on the foldover elastic and melted the silk organza press-cloth over it. Oh, well, nothing a black permanent marker won’t solve.


The surprise: Just for fun, I added a hidden feature. Hint: it’s at the sleeve wrist! I’ll reveal it in another post – just to give you guys a chance to guess (laughs gleefully).

I think I will have great fun wearing this top travelling around this summer.  Hope everyone has a great time. Be safe, and be sewing all the time.





8 thoughts on “McCall’s 6992. The Athleisure Look for Travel

  1. I’ve been wondering what everyone is using that fold over elastic for. Thanks for the inspiration – I have a few pieces of netting that would be perfect for Athleisure.

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    1. Go for it! Foldover elastic takes just a few minutes to get the hang of it, but very easy after that. I use a multi zig zag each time I apply it.


  2. I try not to look like a slob when I travel on a train or a plane. Mostly because I’m often traveling by myself and I am often going from the airport/station to an event. I can switch out a shirt, but not the shoes or the pants.
    I feel so old all of a sudden. You kids today!


  3. I remember velour track suits. Now spandex has taken over.
    I like the lace overlay on your shirt. I thought the secret feature was for hiding cash, but you say it’s not for storing anything. I’m stumped.


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