#Fashion Industry Does Scrap Busting

The high fashion industry – it’s just like us.  I’m inspired by highest fashion looks, but  are big designers furtively keeping tabs on what is happening in the sewing community?  I like to think so.

Members of the sewing community have long been inspiring each other to use their leftover fabric in creative ways and thus create great self-sewn fashion; it falls into the print mixing category.  Lo and behold, the RTW high fashion industry offers multi-print looks for the current and past few seasons.

Coach 1941 – Spring 2016: Its a lovely collection; take a look online. My stash of “scraps” yielded suitable fabrics for this look (see last picture). Cheer me on while I try to emulate Coach 1941 :).

Image below is a page from InStyle magazine. The price tag of this Coach dress is $795….. thanks but I’ll do my own print mixing.

Coach 1941 InStyle image

Coach1941 Look 11

knock off stash


Dior – Since Resort 2016 was designed by Raf Simons, and he has since left the House of Dior, he may have decided to use up all the scraps before he left, I think.  The tweed version is very cute, though I cannot find it online; it may have been in a collection put together by the Dior staff after Simons left.

This image is a page from InStyle magazine. Gotta give credit and all that….

Dior InStyle image

Dior Resort 2016 Look 27

Dior FallRTW 2016. Look 47


Preen, Spring 2014: This is gorgeous, and a real scrap-buster – not!  The review says its a print.  But its a good look, nonetheless.  Can you knock this off for yourself? You would have to incorporate the fitting darts in the patchwork.  Who’s up for that challenge?

Preen Spring 2014  Look 23 PRE_3318.1366x2048

Preen Spring 2014 Look 30

Happy stash-busting, my lovelies!  More power to you and the best power tool ever created – the sewing machine!



4 thoughts on “#Fashion Industry Does Scrap Busting

    1. You are welcome! Creative minds think alike, and I’m including Raf Simons, myself and my sewing friends in the group. 🙂


    1. Oh please make it! And share. I personally love that one too, and am wondering how to go about it. BTW, I recently threw away my “scrap” collection. 😦 But there’s no dearth of fabric bits in this world. Thank you for leaving your thoughts here….

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