Summer Decor: #Paper Pieced Table Runner Done

It is done.


This summer I am ready to dress up a corner of my home with this paper pieced, water melon motif table runner. Not too bad, right? I’ll keep this a short post so you can just enjoy the pictures.


I am thrilled with how the runner looks, and also ecstatic that this long hoarded pattern/fabric bundle finally got made. No additional fabric or notions were purchased to complete the table runner.


I’ve learned some things:

  • Never say in print that a project will be done in a couple of days, as I said in my previous post. This runner took more time than I assumed.
  • A printed pattern (independent company or the large corporate pattern companies) not proofed repeatedly to get it perfect, should be a legal offense. But I don’t want to complain – mistakes happen. And the paying customer pays for it.
  • Quilting requires piecing little pieces of fabric. The issue with this is just how small the pieces are. This project kept me piecing together little bits of cloth for a long time. It just went on and on and on. And this was just a table runner. I could only imagine what a large quilt would entail. No wonder the prize winning quilts earn $10,000 or more at Houston’s Quilt Festival.
  • Someone should have told me that when quilting the layers down, I should start with the center, then work my way to the edges, smoothing out the backing as I go. Heh, no worries; even though the back has major slack. Actually, so does the front. I should have asked my local quilting shop to quilt the layers together and add binding. Not sure if they accept small projects.


  • I used the Martelli Notions mitering tool to miter the binding corners. It is easy to do without the tool, but in a buying frenzy I had bought it – so why not use it? It’s fun to use, actually. I wrote a post about it a three years ago, and you can read it here.
  • The batting is a thin cotton batting. If it shrinks in laundering, the runner will have that crinkly “much loved” look. If you know what I mean.

Will I piece together another project similar to this? Maybe. The paper piecing is fun. I’ve done it before on very small projects, such as potholders. I’ll explore another quilting technique when I want to take a break from sewing clothes. Maybe sewing together hexagons by hand – “hexies” as they are called. I hear that is called traditional English paper piecing.

Love to all of you, my sewing buddies







2 thoughts on “Summer Decor: #Paper Pieced Table Runner Done

  1. Well done! It looks good enough to eat! 🙂
    I read the miter post, too. You said you had your own easy miter method for fashion sewing. Did you ever write a post about that? I’d be interested. I make a lot of knit-tees and I’d like the neck binding to be mitered in the back instead of a straight seam. I followed a Stretch & Sew method once. That method turned out really well, but I was looking for something easier. 🙂


  2. Beautiful and I love the precision! Not all quilts use such small pieces; there are also modern minimalist designs that are striking. And there are shortcuts for piecing which help. The measuring and cutting take a long time too.

    I’ve never heard of mitering tools. For quilting tools, I’m more drawn to the acrylic templates for the different shapes. Those look like fun to use.


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