Sewing Along with Fashion Week

Readers, I’m getting serious about sewing my seasonal wardrobe additions in conjunction with the Fashion Weeks of the world. This way, there will be fresh new clothes to wear during the actual season. If I sew my Spring 2016 items in the autumn of 2015 (right now), I’ll have things to wear in the spring.  Sewing “ahead of season”, if you will.

Handling sheer chiffons & other lightweight fabrics in cold weather is a little unpalatable. And, who wants to sew wintry wool during Texas summers?  But this a purely psychological hitch. I will always be sewing in luxurious air-conditioning in summer and comfortable heat (or open windows) in the proverbial Texas winter. I guess everyone knows that the four seasons in Texas are just concepts. If I complete a Spring 2016 outfit this Fall, I can probably wear it immediately. People, the air conditioning will be running in my house way into October.

Inspiration:  A Few Fashion Week New York offerings for Spring Summer 2016

 _PRA0205 _PRA0139 _MAR0461 Marchesa

From left: Prabal Gurung, Prabal Gurung, Marchesa. Images from

I _ARC1016 ParsonsMFA

….. and just one example of fashion student  work, Parsons MFA. Image from

This week the New York fashion world is showing it’s Spring/Summer 2016 lines.  Subsequent Fashion Weeks in London, Paris and Milan should round out the month impeccably. Well, if I want to follow those timelines, I should start making myself some light and airy summer clothes as the designers are showing their offerings, and as the winter months set in.  Lets see if this works.

First step: Assess and determine


  1. Pants are a staple in my wardrobe; I’m always wearing pants, even in the summer; and I’m always in need of a good pair. I don’t have many left since I’ve been throwing out the old worn out pairs. My favorite pattern is Vogue 1411, but am thinking of trying the loose, palazzo look. Just so you know, I’ve worn palazzos before in a way-back fashion cycle. Decades ago.
  2. A nice, cool maxi dress. This has been on my sewing list for four years. It will get done this year. I’m looking at Prabal Gurung’s work….
  3. Of course, blouses, tunics and tops with style to go with said pants.,

Second Step: Collect materials


From top: Butterfly print silk georgette, blue pima cotton, pink slubby textured cotton/silk (not tweed). Watermelon rayon challis with black line drawing, New York print on silk crepe, grandmother’s (stained) turquoise silk sari (will use as fabric), stretch denim.

  1. No problem there. I have a noteworthy amount of fabric, plus patterns and notions to complete the items.
  2. Pantone released their Spring 2016 Top Ten colors, and I’m happy to say I can think of at least a few colors can be located in my “fabric collection”.

Third Step: Sew!!

Half done

  1. To show you I’m serious about this, I’ve already made this yellow sleeveless tunic using a Kwik Sew pattern. Just needs hemming and armhole facing.
  2. Next up, Vogue 1411 pants – my fourth pair with this pattern! In a stretch denim I’d forgotten about. And, of course the palazzos. Culottes? just cannot bring myself to do culottes again in one lifetime…..
  3. What do you suggest I tackle after the pants? The butterfly print georgette? It’s from G Street fabrics, purchased in 2006. Eep :I

Do you agree with my “sew ahead of season” plan?


3 thoughts on “Sewing Along with Fashion Week

  1. Enjoyed this! As a fellow Texan, I feel the same reluctance about sewing ahead of the season. I’ve also worn culottes, maxi-dresses, wrap around skirts and palazzo pants in past eras, why is it so hard to repeat them? I have felt the same reluctance but I swallowed hard and made a maxi dress and found I love them, probably too much! Try the palazzo pants or a maxi, great for spring and summer. What is it that you love so much about the Vogue pants? I need a good pants pattern.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cindy, what I love about the Vogue 1411 pants pattern is:
      a) it’s an elastic waist pair of pants which doesn’t look like I’m giving up on life in general.
      b) The topstitching on it, though boring to do, is very chic after completion.
      c) I find myself reaching for these pairs almost everyday. That ought to tell me something.
      Thank you for your thoughts on my post.


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