Vintage Lace Collar

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This post features an item I made 2 years ago, and about which I wrote a couple of blog posts for the American Sewing Guild, where I was employed at the time. You can find the posts here and here. The original collar was featured in “Gifts You Can Make Yourself”, a book from the 1940s which my mother was gifted as a young married woman, before my siblings and I came along. I grew up with this book and it has always been on my parents’ bookshelf and now on mine, in all it’s shredded glory.

3 book 4 inside cover

I remember my mother knitting cardigans and vests featured in the book for my father and grandfather.

8 dad vest 7 gramp cardi

I’m told that this cable knit baby shawl was made when my parents started their family.

9 baby blanket

Yep, my mom was a prolific knitter in her day. I guess that knitting gene morphed into the sewing gene in me.

Skip to 2012 and I decided to sew this lace collar from the book. The difference between the original (top right in the left photo) and my version is twofold; I used a wider lace which made the collar a little bigger in size.

5 collar variations 1Finished collar

Second, I skipped the folded binding at the neckline and stitched on two rows of a rayon binding inside the collar. You can also see the hook and eye I attached at the ends.

2 closure

The way I’m wearing it here, the hook and eye is not used. In the “wearing of the collar”, it was handsewn to the v neckline of a black knit top, and this is the result. I wear this a lot!

Mama Mirza Collar2

Now a word about my photo.  Thanks to Brian J. Campbell who shot the portrait. Also, Brian is my awesome, brand new son-in-law. Go see his website.  Photography is his after-hours dream job.

Happy Sewing!


4 thoughts on “Vintage Lace Collar

  1. Thank you, Lisa! Go ahead and try it. They’re just lace yo-yos. You can combine them to make just about anything. A lace yo-yo doily would look pretty, too.


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