The Great Net Neutrality Tussle

Oh, hi there, you made it. Like the cute “still loading” spinner? It’s been kindly provided by my favorite blogging software company Automattic, owners of – to make a point, and start a protest. Yay, Automattic!

Yup, it’s 2014, and the internet is going through growing pains. The newest battles (in addition to the usual fights for real estate) are in cyberspace, the latest one being for “Net Neutrality”. It basically means whichever rich corporation pays, gets a faster load of it’s material. Poor, one-person, hard-working blogging operations like me & you get the “still loading” spinner. And then there’s the search engine issue. With no neutrality, the payers get the foremost rank, and my posts probably go to the bottom of the heap.

Hey, readers, I support Net Neutrality.

Back to sewing everything.


One thought on “The Great Net Neutrality Tussle

  1. I also support net neutrality (had to look it up). There are other factors involved in speed of loading too. The latest post on your blog loaded immediately for me, although the spinner stayed for a short while as your page is 10 posts deep. One option is to have less posts on a page so it’ll load faster. My windows 8 desktop sometimes loads pages slowly, and I can’t move the page smoothly which is so frustrating, but I don’t have that problem on my chromebook.

    It is interesting to test your blog on different devices to see how it displays. I’ve done that before on a tablet in Best Buy.

    Companies also use search engine optimization to help their ranking. I’ll bet for sewing blogs, searches are most common for “free pattern”, “tutorial”, and other “how to” information.


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