Tablet Keeper Done…

…. and done! As we all know there is no feeling to match the strange equilibrium one feels after actually finishing a sewing project.

Finished upright

This is the end result of my previous post about the WIP iPad keeper using Trace ‘N Create templates from Clover and Nancy Zieman. I must say, it turned out very pretty, even if I say so myself. Thanks to both companies for designing a great product. Again, no affiliation with either company. Soon, this keeper will travel to it’s destination and receive it’s very own iPad.

While making this project, here are some items that clearly became my best sewing buddies, and made the process easy. Plus, a couple more thoughts.

  • Binder clips. Whoever invented the binder clip as an office supply, must have really meant it for sewing a binding. Otherwise why are they named “binder” clips? They are perfect for the job! Sew binding, turn to other side, hold with binder clips and stitch-in-the-ditch.

Binder clip binding

  • Edgestitch foot #7 (Bernina). It helped me immensely with sewing a straight line close to the two sides of the inside spine, and elsewhere. Talk about precision sewing.

Edgestitch foot

  • Double sided basting tape, which is actually recommended in the instructions for a couple of tasks in this project. One of the tasks was joining the ends when finishing the binding process. I also used the tape to align the center spine since no pins were going to work with the thick Peltex inside.

doublesided tapeBinding join

  • Rotary cutter, which actually cut the plastic inserts to size very smoothly. Not sure whether to give credit to the plastic or my rotary cutter.

Plastic insert

  • Size 16 Universal needle by Schmetz which sewed through all layers including the thick Peltex (Pellon)interfacing, like butter! Like. butter.
  • The old Bernina 1230, circa 1989, my BFF for life.
  • Remember the concern I had about the ¼” seam being too small? No basis for that fear. It worked fine. Moral: obey Nancy Zieman.
  • The plastic inserts were smaller than the fabric pouches – enough to not catch in the final stitching around the perimeter. Another concern dispelled.


  • The last step is stitch-in-the-ditch for the binding, which was perfect on the outside, but a little funky on the inside.  Anyone has tips for maintaining an even “under side”?


  • I changed the elastic from the headband (see WIP post) to regular ¾” black sewing elastic on the corners.

Now I’ll have to see about making a Nook HD keeper, which I actually own.

Please comment if you’ve used the Trace N Create template for tablets, and what are your thoughts about it!



6 thoughts on “Tablet Keeper Done…

  1. Hi Samina… I’ve actually made three tablet keepers and have another one in process. Yes, please DO obey Nancy, and be sure to READ all the directions before you start. I didn’t on the first one (don’t we all sometimes assume we know what to do??) and thus had a lumpy spine. Oh well. Yours looks very nice!


  2. Thanks for the compliments, Ivalyn, Lisa and Sue! The recipient received it and is very happy with it.
    I have a question for Sue. Did you substitute the Clover plastic insert with something else, or do you use the Clover plastic with each of your tablet keepers?


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