The Impending Autumn of No Pants

An overdue assessment of the closet revealed that I’m in possession of pairs of trousers as old as ten years or more! And it’s showing. Er, there are more old pairs to the left, out of the picture range.

Tired pants
Old and tired

A weeding out of pairs purchased back in the days when I actually purchased clothing…………….

Goodwill pile
Donation or discard pile
Goodwill pile 2
Donation or discard pile 2

……revealed a startling picture. Yikes! Time to sew some pants for the Fall 2013 season.

Pant poverty
Pant poverty

I wear pants all the time and need a reasonable supply, especially now that Fall 2013 is approaching. Not just anything to cover the legs, but something with style and reasonably, age-appropriately  on-trend (I may be approaching my own personal autumn real fast, but do like to keep up with fashion trends. Because why not). So it’s either sew some pants or do without. A survey of pant patterns available brought forth nothing new so I pulled out a couple of patterns from my stash.  IMG_0923


Now to dive into my fabric stash, or do some fabric shopping!

Thank you for reading! Will you cheer me on while I fill the hole in my wardrobe? I have a whole list of things I want to sew for the Fall season in 2013. More about that in another post to see if you agree with my list.  Now, honestly, have you really made a Fall sewing list?

Even though there is not much of a Fall season here in Texas, we kind of go along with everyone else in the nation 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Impending Autumn of No Pants

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment!
      I found a positive review on the Pattern Review website after I made a first version of the Kwik Sew prior to this post. I found that the pattern runs larger than pictured on the envelope, and just took it in a lot, and will cut a smaller size next time. The reviewer had a completely positive experience, though. They are very cute…..
      Let us know how your pair turns out!


  1. I got a Sandra Betzina pants pattern – now out of print – but you can get it if you take her Craftsy pants fitting class. Vogue printed thousands of copies just for the class. It has princess seams. I went to Pattern Review weekend (it was in SF this year) and Sandra taught an all-day class. Here’s the link to the class:

    She had some extra copies of the pattern that weekend so of course I bought it. I got some black wool crepe to make some pants – a fall project. But I still have some summer things I’d like to make. ;o)


  2. Oooo! Love those pants. I think I I had an earlier version of princess line patterns by Sandra Betzina. I made a pair from the old one, and wore them a lot. They are in my give away pile pictured! The old ones had a faced waistline and did not have a waistband. I will have to consider taking Sandra’s Craftsy class. I have taken many classes with Sandra (in person) at various events, and still have a whole collection of her DVDs. Huge Sandra fan!!!


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