Magazine Mania: Do You Sew Projects Featured in Sewing Mags?

There’s an additional title to this post:  Parenting a Parent and the Unfinished Blog Post.

I began writing this with a scheduled publish date for today, but due to life interruptions caused by my dear mother’s health issues particular to her advanced age, the actual projects did not get finished. So here is a question for social media experts. Is it OK to miss publishing a post on the designated day (I chose Tuesday)? Or should a post with the unfinished sewing project be uploaded anyway?  Since this blog is brand new and has only 13 posts to it’s name, I can’t recycle older posts. I’ve seen that done in long established blogs.   At this time I am choosing to upload pictures of unfinished projects, but will eagerly await your answers in the comment section!

Here is the post as it was begun….


I’m a magazine junkie, especially sewing magazines. Do I actually make the projects featured therein? But of course! Fashion sewing is my happiest place but I also love that quick, cute, gifty item, especially when the pattern is included in the magazine.

I’ve come to really like Stitch magazine published by Interweave Press (I’ve linked here to their blog). The templates are included in the centerfold or they are available online as a download. No, the publishers are not paying me to say this, nor are they providing free issues, I just like the publication now. It grew on me.  The projects are colorful, sweet and tend to be geared more toward the young mother, and the new/intermediate sewer. Which leaves me out of their target demographic, but I like the quick features, especially when the template is provided – possibly for instant gratification.

In this post, you’ll see a project featured in Stitch Spring 2013 issue, made for a gift, per instructions. I had a blast sewing up this adorable eye compress.  Pictured below is the magazine page with the original rice eye compress by designer Lucy Blaire. I made it up as featured in the magazine, after which I made two more and changed up the eyeglasses applique – just for fun.  Making a small cute, fun project does tend to boost the sewing adrenaline.

Magazine Page showing the original Project
Magazine page featuring the eye compress

And… below is my project made by following magazine instructions to the letter — almost.  It has already been gifted to someone in the beauty business, my hairstylist!

Eye Compress

It is really hard to stop at just one when making small cute things like this.  I started to make two more when things started to go downhill; that is, the parental things mentioned at the beginning of the post. So I am including pictures of my unfinished eye-compresses.

Here’s one with a retro eyeglass frame.  The “lens” are scraps of red organza and the frame a cotton print. As you can see the applique edges are fused to the back, waiting for some satin stitching or other edge stitching. And, of course, the piping and the inside rice bag is missing.


On the next one, I appliqued aviators! A blue/gold organza scrap, culled from an old wired gift ribbon was backed with black organza for the lenses to give it the mirrored look. You decide if that look was accomplished.  If you disregard the two smudges, and imagine the gold cord sewn around the lenses, you have a pretty good idea of how the finished project will look.


I promise to post a picture, and instructions for the lenses as soon as I’ve completed the eye compresses. The pattern for the compress and the rest of the instructions belong to Stitch magazine.

I would love to see what you have to say about these projects! Also, what are other bloggers’ thoughts on missing a post occasionally, or is it against blogging etiquette?

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Magazine Mania: Do You Sew Projects Featured in Sewing Mags?

  1. Aw, those are adorable! You know, I have SO many sewing magazines, I am also a junkie. And, have many pages ear-marked, but don’t think I’ve actually sewn any of them yet. I will, though, and yes, I do keep buying more sewing magazines in the interim.


  2. These look great! They make lovely gifts. I have plenty of sewing magazines, too. I keep the ones that I plan on making things from – some have been sitting around for a couple years. ;o)

    As for blogging – just blog when you feel like it. Don’t worry about not posting on a particular day. If you force yourself, your post may not be as good as you’d like it to be.


  3. Thanks for your comment! I think I do make it harder on myself by trying to stick to the Tuesday schedule each week.
    I resigned from a 9-5 job this January, and the whole deadline thing is probably ingrained in me. I’ll have to wean myself away from that strict mindset, and not force a mediocre blog post.


  4. Hi Samina! Fortunately blogging is what you make it!! It’s nice to have deadlines sometimes, but ultimately you get to do whatever makes you happy. This will probably change over time, too. The blogs I love each have their own personality and rhythm, and none of them are the same. No stress!!

    I’ll have to check out Stitch. I tend to collect home decor mags the most, with fashion coming in second, and then sewing. My sewing techniques are pretty elementary and I’m also an impatient sewer, taking lots of shortcuts. I love your masks, especially the one with the aviator sunglasses!


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