When the Fabric Talks Too Loud – Literally

It’s a good thing when your fabric “speaks” to you cerebrally, thereby successfully turning itself into a lovely garment. Certain fabrics talk so loudly and literally, that you can be heard approaching from afar while wearing same garment. What are these fabrics? Not sure I can classify them, but I can pinpoint some specific ones.… Read More When the Fabric Talks Too Loud – Literally

The Fueled-by-Fabric-Shortage Cardigan

Hi, everyone! There’s a reason why serious wardrobe seamstresses are loathe to throw away leftover materials.  Like a quilter; except, a quilter is a whole different animal. Actually, I enjoyed the fabric shortage part of this project.  Miraculously, there was additional material in my leftover fabric stash that coordinated with the main fabric — as… Read More The Fueled-by-Fabric-Shortage Cardigan