Make a Batwa: My Recent Contribution to Masala Mommas Online Magazine

Hi Readers,

Today, I’m going to send you over to the Masala Mommas site to read my newest post.

In September my post included instructions for making a “batwa” (butt-wa). It’s a drawstring pouch but a little different in the opening and closing. The secret lies in a teeny tiny stitch at the sides …. well, I’ll just have to send you there for the tutorial. Click here.

NOTE: This is one of the best scrap busters ever!!


Below is a picture of my own maternal grandmother Ayesha, holding a black velvet batwa with the Taj Mahal embroidered in metallic silver. My grandma’s cute but I can never take my eyes off the batwa. The picture was taken in the 1920s, probably ’24 or ’25. The pouch was passed on to my mother who allowed me to play with it A LOT. The inevitable happened and the batwa sort of disappeared from my life. Probably disintegrated into shreds. Tsk.

Ayesha Begum (1924)_HR

The other picture is of small batwa pouches I own; they’re not antique but looks like they’re made with really old silk metallic fabric. This is the look of the traditional batwa.

2 Inspiration

So go ahead, read the post on the Masala Mommas site and let me know whether you’ll be trying your hand at making a batwa. Sew it by hand while watching TV and you’ll never be able to stop at just one.


4 thoughts on “Make a Batwa: My Recent Contribution to Masala Mommas Online Magazine

  1. What a beautiful and elegant photo of your grandmother and her batwa! I am amazed that there is a way to open a pouch by pulling the cords. I think I would need to try it before I understand how this is done with the extra stitch.


  2. Thanks Samina Aunty for the wonderful post..i have been looking for how to make these batwas.. Can you please also teach how to make Juzdaan, Khwanposh, gao takiya cover and imamzamin..thanks!


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. I have not ever made a Juzdaan, although I have made an imamzamin. I’ll keep those in mind. Thank you for the suggestions!


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