Puckered Fabric Aid, WIP and Birthday Quarantine

Hi all! This is “life update” post and I almost didn’t write it but I did not want to miss writing and connecting with my buddies; yes, that means you. Don’t worry, I am unscathed. Hahaha. Read all the way down, please 🙂

As you read this, I just finished a 14 day COVID quarantine and came through unscathed by the virus after 2 negative tests (one week apart).  After 16 months of following Covid mitigation protocols, I decided to accept my first Eid party invitation where everyone was vaccinated and healthy.  Two days later, I was informed that an entire family of guests were unknowingly Covid positive despite being vaccinated. In a nutshell, it caused me (and presumably other attendees) to hole up, get tested and generally be in a state of anguish.  The good news is that I came through with no symptoms at all and the above mentioned negative tests. 

And, that is how I spent my birthday week!   Well, cards and gifts from family softened the anguish — as did wishes from so many of my Facebook friends. Thank you!

These cards are so me….. my fam knows me or what?
Yep, Sarah Mirza sure knows her mom. This book is hilarious!!
Photo of my husband and myself in 1974, pre-children. I did not know this picture existed, shot by my brother in the San Francisco Bay Area (where we lived) back in the day, and gifted to me in 2021. Love this image.

During quarantine: I did a bit of cutting out and a bit of sewing during the 14 days of distancing at home from my daughter.  Here is what I cut out, and am still sewing the coral piece.  They’re both from the same pattern but different lengths, I’m considering inseam pockets for the longer version in the block printed cotton; the coral rayon-lawn version might be too short for a pocket. Both have neck plackets not in the pattern (I’m trying out a new way to add buttoned neck plackets).  So, here we are.

Moving on, I came across these puckered fabric looks on Vogue Runway.com by designer Mara Hoffman for their Pre-Fall 2021 line. She calls it “popcorn” fabric. Here’s a review of the entire collection.

A few years ago, there were ready to wear tops available at craft expos in a similar puckered, popcorn-y fabric. They looked tiny on a hanger but on the body they stretched out beautifully and were quite flattering.  I bought one (those were the pre-sew-everything days), wore it a lot, lost interest in it (!!) and gave it away.  Recently, I found these fashions intriguing again. But wait; there lying in wait in my deep stash was a special, “shrinking” interfacing. (see how a seamstress knows each and every bit in her sewing stash, and exactly where to find it?)  This time, inspired by Mara Hoffman’s popcorn fashion, I thought using this shrinking magical interfacing in certain parts of a garment would be fantastic; so I am obsessed now and one of these days will use it and share with you. 

Have you used this product by Superior Threads? Any ideas how to use in a garment?  Bear in mind that it will not be stretchy like the inspiration fashion. 

Until next time, take care of yourselves.


9 thoughts on “Puckered Fabric Aid, WIP and Birthday Quarantine

  1. Happy Belated Birthday my friend!!! Glad all is well. Love the picture of you and your husband. Quite a handsome couple! 🙂 Looking forward to as always to the finished garments.


    1. Thank you, Roz! I’ve almost finished the coral piece — can hardly wait to wear it. Hope to wear it on the SF Zoom on Saturday.


  2. Good Morning Samina! And Happy Birthday! I’m so glad you’re well! I hope the family that had it are well too.

    Well I’m glad you’re “familiar with everything in your stash”; I’m certainly not! I’m going through all of it now, cabinet by cabinet, and I found my piece of the same interfacing, as well as thread that does the same thing. I’m sad to say I’ve never used either, but acquired both as part of handbag and pillow projects.

    How about using it for short sleeves, or for pockets? Or maybe as the “block” in one of your color block designs? I know you have tops and bottoms with pieced areas. Ooh, maybe as a stand up collar, or the cuff on a longer sleeve… can’t wait to see what you come up with!


    1. Hi Kasey! I hear that the family who were actually infected with the virus are better now — it’s their vaccinated status that kept them from a severe episode. At least that is what I believe.
      I love your puckered-fabric ideas, especially the stand-up collar and cuff!! Thank you!


  3. Happy belated birthday!! Glad your health is fine. And thanks for the reminder about the puckered interfacing. May just have to try it.


    1. Thank you, Anne Marie! There’s lots more stuff in my sewing stash — and it is also present in the back of my brain. Would love to see what you do with your puckered interfacing!!


  4. Happy birthday! I have been through the ‘but we did everything right’ quarantine from work; no one got really ill, and certainly no one died. It is worrisome and frustrating, but we’re still here.

    The ‘pucker magic’ was a thing, and I’m 86% sure I don’t have any of it. 80%.I have been through the entire collection in the last two years, and I did deaccession a lot of similar goods. I also inherit similar, so….76% sure I don’t….
    Perhaps a sample on a purse or….a potholder? People love potholder as gifts, don’t they?
    (Confession: I have acres of iron on fabric laminate. Never had an inch of luck with it. And still it finds me)


    1. Thank you for the birthday greeting! Thanks for the puckered fabric ideas; I have no intention of gifting it, though. LOL. Am selfish that way.


  5. Happy Birthday and glad to hear you and everyone else are fine. One positive side of quarantine is you get loads of sewing time. I too have some of that pucker backing and never found a use for it; thanks for the inspiration. Stay well.


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